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    Program for the Red Cross.

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    Part 1: Budget
    -Prepare a budget for an fictitious or existing program of the Red Cross (either an existing one that will be expanded upon or a new program) that will be beneficial to the organization and the community that it serves.

    -Secondly, I need to write-up a budget justification. This is is an explanation of the factors used to determine the costs of each proposed budget line item.

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    Step 1
    The Red Cross has taken up the project of providing help to the communities affected by the devastating Waldo Canyon Fire. The fire began on June 23 in Pike National Forest about three miles west of Colorado Springs. On June 26, the fire exploded towards the city engulfing several neighborhoods in flames.

    The Red Cross funding will cover community development projects, community events or provide support in assisting individuals and families impacted by the wild fires (McLuskey . K, 2002). The Red Cross will support projects initiated by groups of community members.

    Step 2
    The first item in revenue is Government Grants. The government has agreed to provide $500,000 grants. These funds will be provided by the Colorado State Government. The private grants have been promised and given by private foundations. These grants have been provided to support the Red Cross initiative in Waldo Canyon Fire.
    There will be two special events held in one in Denver, and the second in Aurora. These events are expected to yield $50,000. There are several individual donors who have pledged funds and most of these have already been received by the Red Cross. These private donations sum up to $100,000. ...

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