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Cell and Molecular Biology


1. Explain the process that DNA replicates by. Why is it so important that it is carried out in this matter? In explaining the actual process, refer to the possible choices that the scientist considered: conservative, semi-conservative and dispersive. 2. Speciation is a concept that mean one species becoming 2 or more by a pr


A male who has an allele for HD (Huntingtons Disease) mates with a woman who is phenotypically normal. What proportion of thier children will carry the trait (meaning have it but not show the symptons at any time in their life) and what proportion of their children will actually have the disease along with the trait? Some fam

Mendelian Dominant Recessive Traits

Hair color, eye color and widows peak are all Mendelian dominant recessive traits. If a couple who is heterozygous (both of them mind you) for each of the three traits what are the odds that they will have a child that has dark hair (Dom), Blue Eyes (Rec) and a widows peak (Dom). I think the answer should be a fraction with the


Two normal parents have 3 children, one a normal girl, one a normal boy and the other boy with hemophilia. If the affected son marries a girl whose father also had hemophilia, what are the overall chances of having a hemophiliac child? A male from India carries an odd trait for hairy ears that is based on the Y chromosome. As

Restriction endonucleases

There are four questions to be answered: 1. What type of amino acid side chains would you expect to find folded on the interior of a globular protein? What kind of experimental evidence supports this claim? 2. Which amino acid lacks a stereoisomer and which has more than one asymmetric carbon? 3. What property of th


How come we age and die while the genome is immortal? What is telomerase?

Molecular Biology (Nucleic Acids and the Genetic Material) Multiple Choice

1. Which scientists first gave experimental evidence that DNA is the genetic material? A Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty who repeated the transformation experiments of Griffith, and chemically characterized the transforming principle. B Garrod, who postulated that Alcaptonuria, or black urine disease, was due to a defective enz

Part of the lab final

I cant figure out what i am suppose to do for this assignement that we are to do. it says to apply each lab that we have done in the class to our career . for example the lab on osmossis and diffusion how would i make three applications for that lab?