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    Using DNA in Criminal Behavior

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    Today, scientific advances are being made at an astounding rate, and nowhere is this more evident than in our understanding of the biology of heredity. Using DNA as a starting point, do you believe there are limits to the knowledge people should acquire? Defend your answer.
    Because genetics is important to so many aspects of human behavior, defense attorneys might consider using a defendant's genetic constitution as a strategy to excuse criminal behavior. Take one of the two sides listed below:
    1. Present an argument about why a defendant's genes should be considered as a factor in the criminal behavior.
    2. Present an argument about why a defendant's genes do not excuse criminal behavior.

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    Are we merely "biochemical bags"? Are we just machines? Or are we something else? Something more? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Can we tell? Is there a source of "revelation" that might help us out with these questions?

    Augros and Stanciu in their book "The New Biology" (http://thenewbiology.org/newbiology.html) argued very strongly for their belief that life is more than just machine. Physicists had to undergo a revolution when they began to understand that "the mechanical model" (Newtonian mechanics) wasn't the answer to explain all universal phenomena. Chemists have undergone a revolution too because they had to deal with electrical and magnetic issues in the atom. Quantum theory needed to come along to help explain phenomena that could not be explained by classical mechanics. Well, biology has yet to undergo its revolution. It's still stuck in 19th century thinking - specifically the thinking of Charles Darwin. He's to biology what Newton is to physics. Think about that.

    Augros and Stanciu understood that life is more than machine, that there is something else involved in life - call it "mind", "spirit"...whatever you want. ...

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