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    Cell and Molecular Biology

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    DNA structure of viruses and cancer is illustrated.

    In mice, there are viruses that are known to cause cancer. You have a pure preparation of virus DNA, a pure preparation of DNA from the chromosomes of mouse cancer cells, and pure DNA from chromosomes of normal mouse cells. Virus DNA will specifically anneal with cancer-cell DNA, but not with normal-cell DNA. I then explore t

    Various Types of Microscopes and Their Uses

    What type of microscope (Dissecting Microscope, Compound Light Microscope, TEM or SEM) you would use to examine the following specimens and explain WHY the choice of microscope is appropriate: a) human tooth b) human blood cell: c) mitochondrial membrane folding d) pollen grain surface structure

    Part of the lab final

    I cant figure out what i am suppose to do for this assignement that we are to do. it says to apply each lab that we have done in the class to our career . for example the lab on osmossis and diffusion how would i make three applications for that lab?