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    DNA template strand

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    A portion of an exon of a eukaryotic protein-coding gene has the following sequence on the template strand:

    What is the sequence of the non-template strand written in the 5'-3' orientation?
    What is the sequence of the corresponding region of the mRNA?

    , what is the amino acid sequence of the corresponding portion of the polypeptide chain assuming that the exon contains coding sequence and nothing else (i.e. it may or not include the start codon, but it definitely does not include the 5' UTR or the 3' UTR)?
    Now assume (contrary to the situation in part c) that the exon includes a portion of the 5' UTR and the beginning of the coding sequence. What is the amino acid sequence of the polypeptide chain in this case?

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    The template strand is usually written in the 3' to 5' direction. Then, the non-template strand will be in the 5'-3' orientation (which is what we want) because they are complementary.

    Re-writing the template strand:
    (this was the strand given, just written in reverse)

    The non-template strand uses the complementary base (A with T, G with C) and is usually written on top.

    5' - TAAGGGATGCTTGACT - 3' (Non-template strand)
    3' - ATTCCCTACGAACTGA - 5' (template strand copied)

    The corresponding region of ...