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    The Mobility of Proteins on Electorphoresis Gels

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    Attached is a graph showing the relationship between migration distance and the log of the protein molecular weight. There follow questions relating to how the graph would look at higher or lower agarose concentrations. Lastly the whether the proteins migrate towards the cathode or anode is addressed, and the reasons for this are explained.

    The solution provides detailed reasons why agarose concentration affects migration through the gel, and the physical chemistry behind protein migration towards a particular pole.

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    10. I have attached a figure showing the relevant graphs. Regardless of the concentration of agarose in the gel, the distance migrated will be proportional to the log of the molecular weight of the protein. At higher concentrations ...

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    This solution addresses problems related to the relationship between migration distance and protein size on electrophoresis gels at different agarose concentrations, and to which electrical pole do the proteins migrate.