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Hypothesis Testing

Statistics for Business and Economics - SPSS software

Please try to include the following three elements for each of the question: ? Hypotheses (both null and alternative hypotheses) ? Analysis (Relevant SPSS printouts or Excel) ? Conclusion (interpretation of data) ? Do not need to outline and examine the assumptions that the chosen statistical technique makes (e.g., the distr

Hypothesis test

Ms. Lisa Monnin is the budget director for Nexus Media, Inc. She would like to compare the daily travel expenses for the sales staff and the audit staff. She collected the following sample information. Sales ($) 131 135 146 165 136 142 Audit ($) 130 102 129 143 149 120 139 At the .10 significance level, can she conclude t

Testing of population proportion.

Identify the null hypothesis , alternative hypothesis, test statistic, p-value or critical value(s), conclusion about the null hypothesis, and final conclusion that addresses the original claim. Travel Through the Internet - Among 734 randomly selected internet users, it was found that 360 of them use the internet for makin

Testing the heights of baseball bounces

In previous tests, baseballs were dropped 24ft onto a concrete surface, and they bounced an average of 92.84% in. In a test of a sample of 40 new balls, the bounce had a mean of 92.67 in. and a standard deviation of 1.79 in. Use a 0.05 significance level to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support the clam tha

Finding Significant Difference and P-Value

More shoppers do their majority of grocery shopping on Saturday than any other day of the week. However, is the day of the week a person does the majority of grocery shopping dependent on age? A study cross-classified grocery shoppers by age and major shopping day ("Major Shopping by Day ," Progressive Grocer Annual Report, Ap

Testing of population proportion based on Z test

In some places in the US, people are aware of the need for more care for older citizens, like Dr. Hope. In the election in one area, they put forward a referendum that would increase the county sales tax by one cent to pay for increased services for this important part of the community. Registered voters were asked to vote Yes,

Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Measurements

You have been fortunate enough to receive a grant from a foundation studying pain in arthritis victims under the age of 30. You have not found a lot of people, but you think that you may have identified something that works pretty good. They are measured on an established scale pain scale from 20 (not much pain) to 100 (a lot of

Testing of hypothesis problems in Chi-square, ANOVA, Students t test.

1. You would like to help some of your math-deficient friends understand probability before they loose too much on lottery tickets. After shuffling two decks of cards, you lay down 40 of them. You say that there should be 10 in each of the four suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. What you actually get is 9 hearts, 8 di

Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA Analysis

Conclude if there is a difference in the mean income. The null hypothesis is that the mean scores are the same for the three ratings. The null hypothesis is: H0: µ1 = µ2 = µ3 The alternate hypothesis is that the mean scores are not all the same for the three ratings. H1: Treatment means are not all the same or

Hypothesis testing and meaningful datasets

I am not sure what formulas to use to calculate the relationships between data. I have attached the data I have collected, but I am not sure how to utilize it correctly. How can you hypothesize a meaningful relationship between the data sets? Assuming a meaningful relationship is possible, what would your null and alter

Levels of Significance, p-Values and Standard Deviations

I have four restaurants with a nearest neighbor analysis defining the restaurant pattern as clustered, random, or dispersed. Italian: Observed mean distance/expected mean distance = 0.67 Less than 1% likelihood it being clustered is random Z score = 6.3 standard deviations Significance Levels: 0.01;


1 Identify the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, test statistic, P-value or critical value(s), conclusion about the null hypothesis, and final conclusion that addresses the original claim. a) The Genetics and IVF Institute conducted a clinical trial of the YSORT method designed to increase the probability of conceivin

Using Statdisk to find Statistical Variables

1 Identifying the indicated value using Statdisk Data Set 2 in Statdisk (Body temp) includes a sample of 106 body temperatures with a mean of 98.20 F. Assume that σ is known to be 0.62F. Consider a hypothesis test that uses a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the mean body temperature of the population is l


1 Identify H0 and H1 The mean top of knee height of a sitting male is 20.7 in. 2 Identify H0 and H1 High school teachers have incomes with a standard deviation that is less than $20,000. 3 Find critical values Two-tailed test; a =0.01. 4 Find critical values Left-tailed test; a =0.05. 5 Find critical values

Business Research Problem/Opportunity Analysis

Use the Internet or other resources to find an example of a research article in a professional journal of interest to you, and not in daily periodicals or weekly publications. Prepare a synopsis of the article including the following: a. Define the business research and its purpose. b. Explain the business problem(s) under i

Testing of hypothesis problems

Question 1 For the given data, find (a) the point estimate of the population mean and (b) the margin of error for a 90% confidence interval. Lengths of work commute of 32 people (in miles): 12 9 7 2 8 7 3 27 21 10 13 3 7 2 30 7 6 13 6 14 4 1 10 3 13 6 2 9 2 12 16 18 Question 2 a. Find the critical value of tc for the

Hypothesis Testing Using Proportions

A sample of 60 college students was given a special training program designed to improve their time management skills. One month after completing the course the students were contacted and asked whether the skills learned in the program were effective. A total of 42 responded yes. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude t

Critical value, test statistic of F and T distributions

Question 1 Which one of the following statements is true to perform a z-test for the difference between two population mean μ1 and μ2? a. Three conditions are required to perform such a test. b. The samples must be independent and selected randomly. c. Sample size must be at least 30. d. All of the above. Ques

Hypothesis Testing

A computer manufacturer offers a help line that purchasers can call for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clearing these calls for help in a timely fashion is important to the company's image. After telling the caller that resolution of the problem is important the caller is asked whether the issue is "software" or "hardware"

General Statistics Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1 Multiple Choice In testing hypotheses, the researcher initially assumes: the alternative hypothesis is true. the null hypothesis is true errors cannot be made the population parameter of interest is known Question 2 Multiple Choice The rejection and non rejection regions are divid

Testing of Hypothesis & Mean for Uniform Distribution

1. Ophelia O'Brien, VP of Consumer Credit of American First Banks (AFB), monitors the default rate on personal loans at the AFB member banks. One of her standard's is "no more than 5% of personal loans should be in default." On each Friday, the default rate is calculated for a sample of 500 personal loans. Last Friday's sample c

Normal Distribution, Testing of Hypothesis

1. For any normal distribution, any value less than the mean would have a _______. a) negative probability of occurring b) negative z-score c) positive z-score d) negative variance 2. The diameter of 3.5 inch diskettes is normally distributed. Periodically, quality control inspectors at Dallas Diskettes randomly se

Statistical Analysis Procedures

? Description of data analysis procedures o Selection/justification of your basic statistical approach o Test(s) of assumptions underlying the statistical approach o Any modification made based on your test(s) of assumptions ? Description of findings o Summary table comparing groups o Accompanying narrative stateme

Statistics Study Questions: Multiple choice questions on t distribution, z distribution, hypothesis, chi-squared distribution, confidence level, margin of error, critical value, degrees of freedom, sample size

Question 1 Which level of confidence would produce the widest confidence interval? A. 98% B. 90% C. 95% D. 99% Question 2 What is the margin of error if c = 0.9, s = 1.5, n = 50 A. 1.645 B. 0.1 C. 0.349 D. 0.049 Question 3 For a sample less than 30 we can use t-distribution only if A. The population is nor