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Hypothesis, P=values and rejection of null

Same sex marriages was legalized across Canada by the Civil Marriage Act enacted in 2005. Is this supported by the majority, or a minority, of the Canadian population. A poll conducted for the Globe and Mail newspapers in July 2005 of 1000 Canadians asked whether this bill should should stand or be repealed. The response were 55% should stand, 39% should repeal and 6% don't know. Let (pie looking symbol) denote the population proportion of Canadian adults who believe it should stand. For testing Ho: (pie looking symbol) =0.50 against Ha: (pie looking symbol) not =0.50.

Find the standard error, and interpret, also find the test statistic and interpret and find the P-value and interpret the context. Show all formulas, not using SPSS.

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The information given in the above problem can be represented with the following notations as follows:

Sample size = n = 1000
Here = 0.55
P0 = 0.5
Q0 = 0.5
The is the value of the sample of 1000 Canadians response about the cananian adult should stand is given as 55%
So 55% of total 1000 is the number of Canadian adult should stand = (55/100)*1000 = 550
So, X is the number of Canadian adult should stand = 550

Null hypothesis:
The ...

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The hypothesis for the p values and rejecting the null hypothesis are examined.