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Researchers and Ethical Concerns

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What are areas of ethical concerns for researchers? What are the primary concerns in each area?

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Misuse of Privileged Information
One mainly depressing form of plagiarism is the misuse of advantaged information full from a grant application or document script established for peer analysis. In such a case, the plagiarism is a serious matter of theft of intellectual property since it is not only deprive the original author of suitable credit by citation but could also preempt priority of first publication or use of the original idea to which the source author is entitled. Also, one who breaches confidentiality by showing a fortunate unpublished document to an unauthorized person can be held to a shared responsibility for any consequent plagiarism of the document dedicated by that unauthorized person.
A researcher should not information expected research results that had not been observed at the time of deference of the report. In order to protect accurate documentation of observed facts with which later information or conclusion can be compare, each researcher has a compulsion to maintain a clear and complete record of data acquired.

Wrongly Using Data
Researchers must be explain themselves with the present related quantitative methods available for processing data, including graphical and tabular methods of presentation, mistake analysis, and tests for internal consistency.

What is the main ethical matter?
There are ...

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