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Ethical consideration of preschool student study

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According to Mills (2014), "all research studies involve ethical considerations. Therefore, all researchers must be aware of and attend to the ethical considerations related to their studies" (p. 27). Therefore, identify the potential ethical concerns associated with the topic you selected in Week One in collecting the type of data you plan to collect from this particular population. How will you address those ethical concerns when designing your action research project around this topic? Be sure to keep in mind the big three ethical principles: respect for persons, beneficence, and justice, as well as informed consent, assessment of risk, and selection of subjects as discussed in the Belmont Report and to refer to them in your response. Having no ethical considerations is not an option.

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When using preschool students, studies can get tricky very quickly. This is because preschool students are not mandated by state laws (at least none that I know of) to attend. Therefore, the parents generally do not have to give a reason for an absence or tardiness. That is, of course, if the teacher even records attendance.

So the first ethical consideration is going to be informed consent. You will have ...

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A look at the ethical considerations of a study that involves preschool students is provided in the solution.

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