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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Statistics - Hypothesis Testing..

    The mean construction time for a standard two-car garage by Arrowhead Construction Company is 3.5 days. The time for the construction process follows the normal distribution. The construction process is modified through the use of "precut and asembled roof trusses" rather than onsite construction of roof rafters. This should sho

    Significance Level of Government Center Building Entrances

    There are four entrances to the Government Center Building in downtown Philadelphia. The building maintenance supervisor would like to know if the entrances are equally utilized. To investigate, 400 people were observed entering the building. The number using each entrance is reported below. At the .01 significance level, is the

    Hypothesis testing and value of test statistic

    The mean cleanup and redecorating time for a one-bedroom student apartment at campus Housing is 16 hours. The time for the cleanup and redecorating process follows the normal distribution. The campus Housing administration instituted a "fee and fine system" that encourages students to clean their apartments when they vacate them

    Methods of Computation for Significance

    A personnel psychologist studying adjustment to the job of new employees found that employees' amount of education (in number of years) predicts ratings by job supervisors two months later. The regression constant in the linear prediction rule for predicting job ratings from education is 0.5 and the regression coefficient is

    Methods of computation and quantitative ability

    A person scores 81 on a test of verbal ability and 6.4 on a test of quantitative ability. For the verbal ability test, the mean for people in general is 50 and the standard deviation is 20. For the quantitative ability test, the mean for people in general is 0 and the standard deviation is 5. Which is this person's stronger abil

    Statistics - Hypothesis Testing...

    A student group claims that first year students at a college study an average of 150 minutes per night. A skeptic suspects that the students actually study less. A survey of 269 math students results in an avery of 137 minutes. Write the null and alternative hypothesis. The average of 137 minutes was found to be statisti

    Two-tailed tests and further statistical analysis

    A coin-operated drink machine was designed to discharge a mean of 6 ounces of coffee per cup. In a test of the machine, the discharge amounts in 14 randomly chosen cups of coffee from the machine were recorded. The sample mean and sample standard deviation were 6.11ounces and .16ounces, respectively. If we assume that the discha

    The solution to Test of hypothesis

    Given the following hypothesis: Ho: M = 400 H alternative: M not equal to 400 For a random sample of 12 observations, the sample mean was 407 and the sample standard deviation 6. Using the .01 significance level: a. State the decision rule. b. Compute the value of the test statistic. c. What is your decision reg

    The answer to One sample Z test

    For this exercise answer the questions: A. is this a one-or two- tailed test? B. what is the decision rule? C. what is the value of the test statistic? D. what is your decision regarding H¥ï? E. what is the type p - value? Interpret it. The following information is available. H 10 HÌ > 10 The sample mean is 12

    Probability of Individual Scores

    Individual scores of a placement examination are normally distributed with a mean of 84.2 and a standard deviation of 12.8. If the score of an individual is randomly selected, find the probability that the score will be less than 90.0. If a random sample of size n = 20 is selected, find the probability that the sample mean

    Hypothesis testing and level of measurement

    IDENTIFYING LEVEL OF MEASUREMENT There are four levels of measurement, two are numeric and two are attribute data. This first time around, try to identify if a question produces a number or a text number. This not always an easy as you will see. This will be needed later when choosing a hypothesis test. Please attached, I at

    Hypothesis testing

    One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper Using ratio or interval numerical data from one of the data sets available through the "Data Sets" link on your page, develop one research question from which you will formulate a research hypothesis. Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper describing the results of a hypothesis test of one popu


    Hypothesis test for the difference of population proportions For several decades, it was a common practice in Southern California for houses to be built with pools in the backyard (as any airplane flight which ends at a Southern California airport will reveal). Now, however, that practice may be changing, possibly because of t


    The liquid chlorine added to swimming pools to combat algae has a relatively short shelf life before it loses its effectiveness. Records indicate that the mean shelf life of a 5-gallon jug of chlorine is 2,160 hours (90 days). As an experiment, Holdlonger was added to the chlorine to find whether it would increase the shelf life

    What is the p value and can you describe the steps in formal hypothesis testing?

    I need help with proving that a population mean is not 150. Use an alpha of 5% and set up the full, detailed, five step hypothesis test. Assume when the sample 200 is taken the sample standard deviation is 10 and the sample mean is 151.77. What is the p value? Describe the steps in formal hypothesis testing. Make at least

    Samplings of Pine Trees and Spruce Trees

    A field researcher is gathering data on the trunk diameters of mature pine and spruce trees in a certain area. The following are the results of his random sampling. Can he conclude, at the .10 level of significance, that the average trunk diameter of a pine tree is greater than the average diameter of a spruce tree?

    Non-Parametric Test SPSS

    In the attached SPSS output, the variables tell whether a husband and wife are employed full time. I've run the sign test to test whether husbands and wives are equally likely to be employed full time. Having trouble formulating a conclusion. Are they equally likely?

    Hypothesis testing : Two proportions

    46. As a condition of employment, Fashion Industries applicants must pass a drug test. Of the last 220 applicants 14 failed the test. Develop a 99 percent confidence interval for the proportion of applicants that fail the test. Would it be reasonable to conclude that more than 10 percent of the applicants are now failing the tes

    Hypothesis test two sample student t test

    To test the hypothesis that students who finish an exam first get better grades, Professor Hardtack kept track of the order in which papers were handed in. + The first 25 papers showed a mean score of 77.1 with a standard deviation of 19.6 + The last 24 papers showed a mean score of 69.3 with a standard deviation of 24.9.

    Discussions - . Tests of hypothesis for two populations

    1. Tests of hypothesis for two populations. List one test statistic that could be used for comparing two populations with hypothesis testing. Can you think of an example where this could be used? 2. Contrary to major television media popular belief, the United States does much good for the world. For example, the United State

    Stats and Statistics: confidence intervals, p-values, hypothesis testing.

    1. After a sample of numbers is taken from a population, the 95% confidence interval is calculated out at {10.5, 12.0} What is the correct way to interpret this confidence interval? Choose one. (1 point) A) 95% of all values in the population are between 10.5 and 12.0 B) The true population mean has to be between 10.5 and

    Hypothesis Testing: Compute P-Value

    You want to prove that a population mean is not 7. Data is ratio and a large sample size will be used (n = 225). When the sample is done the sample mean is computed to be 7.2 and the sample standard deviation is 1.5. Test the hypothesis using an alpha of 5%. Use formal hypothesis testing and compute the p-value.

    SPSS - Parametric testing, Bonferroni multiple comparison

    I need help interpreting the attached SPSS output. Consider the variable for respondents' average income (r inc dol) Is the average income for all respondents 31,126.50? Is the average income for people with less than a high school degree 17,366.97? Is the average income for people with graduate degrees 58,128.38? The

    Identify a hypothesis from an article

    Start by identifying and summarizing the hypothesis described in the article. Then explain whether the hypothesis was rejected or accepted, and what the implications of this finding are for the study. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Hypothesis testing: differences in variance

    A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the October 22 matinee of Bride of Chucky showed a mean purchase of $5.29 with a standard deviation of $3.02. For the October 26 evening showing of the same movie, for a sample of 25 purchases the mean was $5.12 with a standard deviation of $2.14. The means appear to be very close, bu

    Conduct a hypothesis test for lovastatin

    Does lovastatin (a cholesterol-lowering drug) reduce the risk of heart attack? In a Texas study, researchers gave lovastatin to 2,325 people and an inactive substitute to 2,081 people (average age 58). After 5 years, 57 of the lovastatin group had suffered a heart attack, compared with 97 for the inactive pill. (a) State the app