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5 step hypothesis testing

The problem:
In Meijer supermarket, the customer's waiting time to check out is approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2.5 minutes. A sample of 25 customer waiting times produced a mean of 8.2 minutes. Is this evidence sufficient to reject the supermarket's claim that its customer checkout time averages no more than 7 minutes? Complete this hypothesis test using the 0.02 level of significance.

My Problem:
I am having difficulties obtaining the 5 steps used in solving this with a classical approach.

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The 5 steps of hypothesis testing are:

set up the null and alternative hypotheses
set up the rejection region
compute the test statistic
make a decision to reject or not reject the null hypothesis
write a conclusion that anyone can understand

Our null hypothesis would be:
Ho: The average wait time is 7 minutes

Our alternative would ...

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Given a real life example, this posting asks us to perform the 5 step hypothesis testing to see if there is any significant differences in waiting times at a supermarket.