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    Real world statistics example

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    Could you please send me an example of a real-world situation or problem addressing the independent and dependent variables study; that includes a research question; the statistical null and alternative hypotheses; an explanation of why this test is appropriate and why a parametric procedure, such as correlation or APA format.

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    A real world
    Statistics example

    A real world statistics example
    Marine biologists warn that the growing number of powerboats registered in Florida threatens the existence of manatees. For years from 1985 to 2000, given that

    Year Boat Registrations Manatee deaths
    1985 16 497.9
    1986 24 497.6
    1987 20 512.6
    1988 15 526.5
    1989 34 558.6
    1990 33 585.3
    1992 33 613.5
    1993 39 645.5
    1994 43 675
    1995 50 711
    1996 47 719
    1997 53 716
    1998 38 716
    1999 35 716
    2000 49 716
    2000 49 735

    Identifying the names of the explanatory and response variables appropriate for the context.
    From the given information, Let X- represents the boating registration and is termed as independent variable. (Explanatory variable).
    Let Y -represents the manatee deaths and is termed as dependent variable. (Response variable)

    Making a scatter plot of these data to describe the association.

    The above scatter shows the strong association between Boat Registration and Manatee death. Since in the chart, the plots are scattered closely.

    Finding the correlation between the boat registrations and manatee deaths
    This can easy to calculate by using Excel Tool (Tools ...

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    The solution examines real world statistics examples. The statistical null and alternative hypothesis is stated.