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Hypothesis Testing

Statistical Analysis Procedures

? Description of data analysis procedures o Selection/justification of your basic statistical approach o Test(s) of assumptions underlying the statistical approach o Any modification made based on your test(s) of assumptions ? Description of findings o Summary table comparing groups o Accompanying narrative stateme

Statistics Study Questions: Multiple choice questions on t distribution, z distribution, hypothesis, chi-squared distribution, confidence level, margin of error, critical value, degrees of freedom, sample size

Question 1 Which level of confidence would produce the widest confidence interval? A. 98% B. 90% C. 95% D. 99% Question 2 What is the margin of error if c = 0.9, s = 1.5, n = 50 A. 1.645 B. 0.1 C. 0.349 D. 0.049 Question 3 For a sample less than 30 we can use t-distribution only if A. The population is nor

To test if the seminar was effective using testing of hypothesis

A manager hopes to improve the sales figures for 10 employees by sending them to a motivational seminar. To test the effectiveness of this seminar, the manager compares the sales figures for each salesperson for the month immediately prior to the seminar and the month immediately following it. Employee before after H

Hypothesis test of mean

For the following set of data, test the hypothesis that the average is 10. Run a test of that hypothesis and present the conclusion. x 8.9 9.7 10.3 8.5 10.4 9.3 9.8 7.1 10.6 11.1

Hypothesis testing

Why do statisticians shudder at the word "prove" and use words like support, accept the H1, and reject the Ho etc.?

Hypothesis testing

What is a "p" value and why do we need it? (Hint: What does it give us in addition to our alpha?)

Hypothesis testing

Explain the difference between a 1 and a 2 tailed test. When is each used?

Determining Cricital Values in Two Questions

1. Compute the critical values for a 2-tailed z-test with alpha = 0.01. Explain your answer. Sample mean = 78.47 Population mean = 75.8 Population standard deviation = 7.5 Standard error of the sample mean = .898 n= 100 2. We had to determine the critical value of z to make our accept/reject decision; In this analysis

Hypothesis testing for door thickness

A door manufacturer wants to monitor the performance of a new painting process, which has been designed to apply paint with a mean thickness of 0.7mm, by detecting any departure from this target. One hundred doors will be randomly chosen from a day's production, and the thickness of paint on each of the 100 doors will be measure

5 - Step procedure for Hypothesis testing

Attached is a 5 step hypothesis test. I have tried to work through this and am stuck on step 4 and 5. I am not 100% sure I am using the correct test statistic and am totally lost on step 4. This test is being done on only one sample. The sample is below: 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.07 2.08 2.11 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18 2.

Hypothesis Testing Paper

1) Perform the five-step hypothesis test on your data. 2) Describe the results of your tests and compare the results to the results of the test performed for your previous Hypothesis Testing Paper. See attached files for full additional information.

Use the probabilities determine what percentage purchased Total at least twice. Is age category independent of willingness to try new products? What is the probability that a randomly selected person purchased Total given that the person is in the 45-64 age category?

In the mid-1990s, Colgate-Palmolive had developed a new toothpaste for the U.S. market, Colgate Total, with an antibacterial ingredient that was already being successfully sold overseas. However, the word antibacterial was not allowed for such products by the Food and Drug Administration rules. So Colgate-Palmolive had to come

Use a type 1 error rate of 0.05 to determine if the two chemicals are different with respect to their effectiveness. Construct an appropriate 95% confidence interval for the experimental results. State your conclusions.

A pesticide control company wants to compare the effectiveness of two pest control chemicals (call then A and B) with respect to their ability to kill ants. An experiment is conducted as follows: 2000 ants are selected at random. 1000 are selected and placed in a room labeled A The remaining 1000 are placed in a room la

Level of Significance

1. When we say we have a confidence level of 95%, what do you think our "margin of error" is? 2. If we move the level of confidence from 95 to 99%, what will happen to our margin of error? What will happen to the width of our confidence interval? 3. Would we have gotten a better feel for the amount of flour needed if we'd

Business Statistics Questions

1. Using the internet (or other outside source), research a health related variable such as newborn weight or heart rate (although you may not use these since they have already been discussed in class). Based on the information you discover (such as mean, median, typical range, etc.), would you say that your variable has a norm

What is the impact of a 0.80 alpha?

There used to be an ad on TV that claimed one toothpaste was proven to be more effective in fighting tooth decay than another. One of statistics professors was interested in the study, and after 6 ads finally got the address to write away for it from the TV. The study was classically perfect - randomly assigned individuals i

Write a critical evaluation of a research article

I need to write an evaluation of a research article (article attached). It needs to include a brief description of the article and follow a systematic approach. Article attached -- it tests the hypothesis that attitudes towards HIV/AIDS will improve after participation in an educational program.

Statistics Discussion Questions..

What are the theoretical considerations of hypothesis testing and why are these considerations important when conducting research studies? Define statistical comparisons, correlations and predictions as they relate to social science research. What role do they play in the data collection process?

Working with Data: Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis

The following data resulted from a taste test of two different chocolate bars. The first number is a rating of the taste, which could range from 0 to 5, with a 5 indicating the person liked the taste. The second number indicates whether a "secret ingredient" was present. If the ingredient was present a code of "1" was used, and

Hypothesis Verification

I recently completed a survey concerning whether or not cell phone usage on airplanes will lead to air rage or not. I have the results from the survey in excel fomat but I am not sure how to complete a one tailed t test for the questions. I am trying to show the surveyed people say that they wii become irritated by prolonged cel

Hypothesis testing of candy consumption and oral hygiene

Let's say you want to know if the amount of candy adults eat influences the number of times they brush their teeth in a day. Your independent variable is candy - you will manipulate how many pieces of candy they eat. Your dependent variable is the number of times they brush their teeth in a day. This is a ratio scale: they can b

I need a hypothesis for a hypothesis test on temperature

I have to do a paper that would identify a research issue, problem, or opportunity that uses data that has absolute zero measurements, such as interval and ratio level data. I chose the temperature in my city over the course of a month, what would be the issue, problem or opportunity with weather over the course of a month. I ne

Hypothesis question - Holland Wood company

The Holland wood company manufacturers and assembles desks and other office equipment at several plants in Michigan.  The weekly production of the Model A3 desk at the Grand Rapids Plant is normally distributed with a mean of 200 and a standard deviation of 16.  Recently, due to market expansion, new production methods have be

Inferential Statistics

I have 2 samples that I must compare using the 5% level of risk. Population One - Sample Size 45, mean income $31,290, SD $1,060 Population Two - Sample Size 60, mean income $31,330, SD $1,900 I would assume that I would run a Chi-Square for independent means but I need the population variance do I not before I can do any

Problems in Hypothesis Testing with Temperature

I have to identify a research issue, problem, or opportunity that uses data that has absolute zero measurements, such as interval and ratio level data. What if I choose the temperature in my city over the course of a month. What would be the issue, problem or opportunity with weather over the course of a month?