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    Test Value for manufacturing flashlight batteries

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    A manufacturer of flashlight batteries took a sample of 13 batteries from a day's production and used them continuously until they failed to work. The life lengths of the batteries, in hours, until they failed were: 342, 426, 317, 545, 264, 451, 1049, 631, 512, 266, 492, 562, and 298.

    At the .05 level of significance, is there evidence to suggest that the mean life length of the batteries produced by this manufacturer is more than 400 hours?

    A. No, because the p-value for this test is equal to .1164
    B. Yes, because the test value 1.257 is less than the critical value 1.782
    C. No, because the test value 1.257 is greater than the critical value 1.115
    D. Yes, because the test value 1.257 is less than the critical value 2.179

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    So lets look at our null and alternative hypothesis

    Ho: the average battery life is 400 hours
    Ha: The average batter life is more than 400 hours

    So for us to ACCEPT the null hypothesis, we would have to have our test value be LESS then the critical value which would mean the batter life is 400 ...

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