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Hypothesis Testing

Statistics - Clark Heter and Number of Accidents

1. Clark Heter is an industrial engineer at Lyons Products. He would like to determine whether there are more units produced on the night shift than on the day shift. Assume the population standard deviation for the number of units produced on the day shift is 21 and 28 on the night shift. A sample of 54 day-shift workers showed

Variance and Sketching P-Values

1. In this test, the variance is known. Find the p-value of the test to 4 decimals, if the obtained value of the test statistic is 2.34. Make a sketch and represent the p-value. H_o : Mu = Mu_o H_a : Mu ,not = to, Mu_o 2. In this test, the variance is known. Find the p-value of the test to 4 decimals, if the obtained valu

Hypothesis testing - Finding critical values and P-values

1. In the following test, the variance is known. What is the rejection rule for the null hypothesis, if the level of significance is 0.06? H_o : Mu ,< equal to, Mu_o H_a : Mu > Mu_o Note: Your answer should be a sentence and include some specific value(s). 2. In the following test, the varianc

Hypotheses test for the United States Department of Labor

In 2001, the U.S. Department of Labor reported the average hourly earnings for U.S. production workers to be $14.32 per hour. A sample of 60 production workers during 2003 showed a sample mean of $14.68 per hour. Assuming the population standard deviation σ = $1.55, can we conclude that an increase occurred in the mean hourly e

Calculations for hypothesis testing problems

The Employment and Training Administration reported the U.S. mean unemployment insurance benefit of $238 per week (The World Almanac 2003). A researcher in the state of Virginia anticipated that sample data would show evidence that the mean weekly unemployment insurance benefit in Virginia was below the national level. For a sam

Hypothesis Testing for Filling Variance of Cereal Boxes

The filling variance for boxes of cereal is designed to be .02 or less. A sample of 30 boxes of cereal shows a sample standard deviation of .16 ounces. Use α = .01 to determine whether the variance in the cereal box fillings is exceeding the design specification. a) In proper notation, state the hypotheses of this test.

P-value and test statistic for Haug Motor Company

Marketing executives at Haug Motor Company, producers of the world's most imposing SUVs, are planning their sales campaign for a new model, the 6000 lb. Enviroraptor MPG-8?. They are staking their hopes on the belief that the average American is more interested in personal aggrandizement than in the environment or public safety.

Hypothesis testing.

Using the attached numerical data I want to (1) formulate a hypothesis which can be tested with linear regression analysis. (2) Formulate a hypothesis statement regarding the issue. (3) Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data. (4) Interpret the results of your regression hypothesis test. (5) And have to include raw dat

Test of Hypothesi: Mean Waiting Time

The Restaurants McBurger says that the waiting time for customers is 3 minutes with a standard deviation of population 1 minute. The quality control department found in a sample of 50 clients that the average waiting time was 2.75 minutes. With a significance level of 0.05. Can conclude that the waiting time is less than 3 minut

Defining Proportion, Percentage, and Ratio

What are the differences among a proportion, a percentage, and a ratio? When would a researcher use a hypothesis test for the difference in two population proportions? Explain.

RES 342 problems

1. List the five steps of solving a statistical problem 2. Write a hypothesis test (H1 and Ha) statement for the following: Many people eat cookies with milk. Suppose a cookie company is concerned that the cookie equipment may not be functioning properly when filling 32-ounce bags. 3. Use the same information

Applying the P-Value Approach

Please answer the following question using the P value approach. Please describe your answer in detail. The answer details are important to my understanding the P value concept. A sample of 40 recovering alcoholics was given the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Test (STAI). The state anxiety score showed a mean of 38 and a sta

P value for Hypothesis testing .

Please answer the following question using the P value approach. Please describe your answer in detail. The answer details are important to my understanding the P value concept. Q1) The mean number of calories per 6-ounce can of tomato paste is supposed to be 150. A weight watchers group thought that was larger

Statistics - Hypothesis Test

A sample of 36 observations is selected from a normal population. The average sample is 21 and the standard deviation of the sample is 5. Perform the following hypothesis test using the significance level 0.05. H&#8320;: µ&#8804;20 H&#8321;: µ>20 Please provide details for I understand the problem Thanks.

Significance Levels: The Mean Amount of Weight Loss

A physician who specializes in weight control has three different diets she recommends. As an experiment, she randomly selected 15 patients and then assigned 5 to each diet. After three weeks the following weight losses, in pounds, were noted. At the .05 significance level, can she conclude that there is a difference in the m

Hypothesis Testing: Average Grade on a Final Examination

A student believes that the average grade on the final examination in statistics is at least 85. She plans on taking a sample to test her belief. The correct set of hypotheses is: a) H0: m < 85 Ha: m 85 b) H0: m 85 Ha: m > 85 c) H0: m 85 Ha: m < 85 d) H0: m > 85 Ha: m 85

T-statistics, P-Values, and Hypothesis Testing

Consider the following hypotheses test. Ho: m ³ 80 Ha: m < 80 A sample of 121 provided a sample mean of 77.3. The population standard deviation is known to be 16.5. a. Compute the value of the test statistic. b. Determine the p-value; and at 93.7% confidence, test the above hypotheses. c. Using the critical

Hypothesis Testing: Testing a New Soft Drink

A new soft drink is being market tested. A sample of 400 individuals participated in the taste test and 100 indicated that they like the taste. We are interested in determining if more than 21% of the population will like the new soft drink. a. Set up the null and the alternative hypotheses. b. Determine the test statistic.

Level of risk for income tax agencies

The director of an income tax agency hires four college students, who are business majors, to help prepare taxes during the busy season. To see whether he should hire any of them for the next year, he samples how long it takes each new employee to prepare similar tax returns for 10 randomly selected customers. Below is a table o

Hypothesis test and p-value.

Ages for the 2005 Boston Red Sox pitchers are shown below. (a) Assuming this is a random sample of major league pitchers, at the 5 percent level of significance does this sample show that the true mean age of all American League pitchers is over 30 years? State your hypotheses and decision rule and show all work. (b) If there is

Hypothesis testing (in Excel and show work)

10.23: Examine the data below showing the weights (in pounds) of randomly selected checked bags for an airline's flights on the same day. (a) At a = .05, is the mean weight of an international bag greater. Show the hypotheses, decision rule and test statistic. (b) At a= .05, is the variance greater for bags on an internationa

Traditional Hypothesis Testing Method

Conduct a hypothesis test for each problem, using the traditional method. 1. A random sample of 56 departing flights at an airport over a 3-month period had a mean wait of 14.2 minutes between boarding and takeoff, with a standard deviation of 4.53 minutes. At the same airport, a random sample of 81 incoming flights over

Hypothesis Testing of Soft Drink Filling Machine

A soft drink filling machine, when in perfect adjustment, fills the bottles with 12 ounces of soft drink. Any over filling or under filling results in the shutdown and readjustment of the machine. To determine whether or not the machine is properly adjusted, the correct set of hypotheses is H0: m = 12 Ha: m=/ 12 TRUE/ FA

Comparing Two Population Proportions

Which of the following examples illustrates a study that compares two population proportions? a. The amount of saliva secreted daily by men and women. b. The volume of air breathed daily by track runners and swimmers. c. The percentage of men and women who are color blind. d. The pounds of food digeste

Statistics of Ear Infections in Elementary School

Many elementary school students in a school district currently have ear infections. A random sample of children in two different schools found that 16 of 42 at one school and 21 of 36 at the other had this infection. At the .05 level of significance, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that a difference exists between the

STAT Use Samples

A sample of people is asked their height, and then a measurement of their actual height is taken. Your null hypothesis is that self-reported and actual heights (DV is height measured in inches) do not differ. Please explain if I am correct. If I am not correct, then please provide an explanation of the right test to use.

The Mean Examination Score

The historical mean of scholarship examination scores for freshman applications at a local university is 900. A historical population standard deviation of 180 is assumed known. Each year, the assistant dean uses a sample of applications to determine whether the mean examination score for the new freshman applications has change

Sample size and Hypothesis testing problems

Assignment 3 The Precision Scientific Instrument Company manufactures thermometers that are supposed to give readings of 0°C at the freezing point of water. Tests on a large sample of these thermometers reveal that at the freezing point of water, some give readings below 0°C (denoted by negative numbers) and some give readi