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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Hypothesis Testing of Soft Drink Filling Machine

    A soft drink filling machine, when in perfect adjustment, fills the bottles with 12 ounces of soft drink. Any over filling or under filling results in the shutdown and readjustment of the machine. To determine whether or not the machine is properly adjusted, the correct set of hypotheses is H0: m = 12 Ha: m=/ 12 TRUE/ FA

    Comparing Two Population Proportions

    Which of the following examples illustrates a study that compares two population proportions? a. The amount of saliva secreted daily by men and women. b. The volume of air breathed daily by track runners and swimmers. c. The percentage of men and women who are color blind. d. The pounds of food digeste

    Statistics of Ear Infections in Elementary School

    Many elementary school students in a school district currently have ear infections. A random sample of children in two different schools found that 16 of 42 at one school and 21 of 36 at the other had this infection. At the .05 level of significance, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that a difference exists between the

    STAT Use Samples

    A sample of people is asked their height, and then a measurement of their actual height is taken. Your null hypothesis is that self-reported and actual heights (DV is height measured in inches) do not differ. Please explain if I am correct. If I am not correct, then please provide an explanation of the right test to use.

    The Mean Examination Score

    The historical mean of scholarship examination scores for freshman applications at a local university is 900. A historical population standard deviation of 180 is assumed known. Each year, the assistant dean uses a sample of applications to determine whether the mean examination score for the new freshman applications has change

    Sample size and Hypothesis testing problems

    Assignment 3 The Precision Scientific Instrument Company manufactures thermometers that are supposed to give readings of 0°C at the freezing point of water. Tests on a large sample of these thermometers reveal that at the freezing point of water, some give readings below 0°C (denoted by negative numbers) and some give readi

    Calculation Test Statistic for T-Test

    Citrus Rental is a popular car rental agency that has a history of having too few cars available, so that its available cars are overdriven. The mean monthly mileage over the years for Citrus cars has been about 1550 miles per month. Recently, though, Citrus purchased thousands of new cars, and the company claims that the ave

    Measuring Employees' Job Satisfaction and Stress Level

    You are the president of a medium size marketing research and management-consulting firm. ZYX Inc has hired you for a new management-consulting project. After interviewing the top management at ZYX, you have made the following notes: 1. ZYX Inc is a publicly owned electronics-manufacturing firm with over 1,500 employees. T

    Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper

    Describe the results of the nonparametric hypothesis test that includes the null hypothesis statement that there is no difference between the mean selling price of homes and the number of bedrooms each home has. The alternative hypothesis is that at least one of the mean selling prices of homes is different on the number of b

    Level of Significance

    3.3 You are the member of the marketing team at Sara Bellum's Pizza - the pizza for people who think too much!! Your mission is to evaluate two locations and determine if there is any difference in their suitability as locations for the next Sara Bellum Pizza restaurant. You will use a level of significance of 0.05. Th

    Evidence that Bank Supervisors Discriminated against Females

    Forty-eight male bank supervisors were each given the same personal file and asked to judge whether the person should be promoted to a branch manager job that was described as "routine", or the file held and other applicants interviewed. The files were identical except that half of them showed that the file was that of a female

    Level of Confidence for Birth Weights

    The birth weights of 50 babies at a large metropolitan hospital are recorded. If the standard deviation of the birth weights equals 2.2 pounds, find the maximum error of estimate with 95% level of confidence.

    Hypothesis Testing, Significant Levels and p-Values

    State and complete the 5 steps of Hypothesis Testing You may use the p - method or the traditional method. 1. A manufacturer makes steel rods that are supposed to have a mean length of 50 centimeters. A retailer suspects that the bars are being produced too short. A sample of 46 bars is taken and their mean length is

    Sample Hypothesis Test Question

    Research at the University of Toledo indicates that 50 percent of the students change their major area of study after their first year in a program. A random sample of 100 students in the College of Business revealed that 48 had changed their major area of study after their first year of the program. Has there been a significant

    Gender and Potato Chip Preferences

    Based on the provided data, you have been given the task of showing that there is a difference between gender and potato chip preferences. A colleague has obtained some sample data for you: Lays Jays Better Maid Private Label Male 16 6 5 10

    Level of Significance for Mean Voltage and Reading

    3.4 A home has a solar electric system. The owner collected voltage readings from a meter connected to the electric system. Use analysis of variance at the 0.05 level of significance to test the claim that the mean voltage reading was the same for each of the different types of day. sunny days cloudy days rainy days

    Analyzing Categoric Data :Yule Q

    1. In several presidential elections, researchers' have observed a "gender gap" in which men and women vote for candidates in different proportions. Test this hypothesis by calculating X2 and Yule's Q for these frequencies from the 1998 General Social Survey: Vote by Gender Did You Vote for Clinton or Dole? Men Women

    Two-Sample Hypothesis Test: Traffic Accidents

    A number of minor automobile accidents occur at various high-risk interactions in Teton County despite traffic lights. The Traffic Department claims that a modification in the type of light will reduce these accidents. The county commissioners have agreed to proposed experiment. Eight intersections were chosen at random, and the

    One step tests of hypothesis

    An insurance company, based on past experience, estimates the mean damage for a natural disaster in its area is $5,000. After introducing several plans to prevent loss, it randomly samples 200 policy holders and finds the mean amount per claim was $4,800 with a standard deviation of $1,300, Does it appears the prevention plans w

    P-Values and Critical Values

    1. Based on the Nielsen ratings, the local CBS affiliate claims its 11:00 PM newscast reaches 41% of the viewing audience in the area. In a survey of 100 viewers, 36% indicated that they watch the late evening news on this local CBS station. a) What is the p-value? b) What is the critical value if = 0.01? 3.What is the


    In a large class, the professor has each person toss a coin 200 times and calculate the proportion of his or her tosses that were heads. The students then report their results, and the professor plots a histogram of these several proportions. Use the 69-95-99.7 rule to provide the appropriate response. 1) About 68% should have

    The Purposes of a Hypothesis Test

    What is the purpose of a hypothesis test? What goes in the null hypothesis and what goes in the alternate hypothesis? Why is it inappropriate to put a sample statistic in the hypothesis? If you are testing the hypothesis H0: population proportion is .5 H1: population proportion is not .5, and you get .52 for the sample

    Importance of Pooled Variance

    1. What is pooled variance and why is it important? 2. Explain what interval data is and give an example: 3. Write the formula for a problem that has 2 sample populations greater than 30 and the standard deviations are known and equal: 4. Write the formula for pooled variance. 5. Please analyze the following data:

    Statistics definition and applications

    Define and discuss the following statistical terms within the context of a business example. Each answer should be one paragraph in length. 1. Statistics and descriptive statistics 2. Population and Sample 3. Cardinal, Ordinal, and Scale Data 4. Random sample, random error, sampling error 5. Qualitative variables 6

    Hypothesis Testing for Evidence

    Suppose that in January 1999 it was reported that 58 percent of Americans rated the condition of the economy to be ``fairly good.'' In a Gannett News Service poll of 1003 Americans taken October 15--20, 1999, and reported in the October 31, 1999, issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer, 62 percent of those polled rated the condition of

    Small sample hypothesis test for population means

    A wine manufacturer sells Cabernet Sauvignon with a label that asserts an alcohol content of 11%. Sixteen bottles of this cabernet are randomly selected and analyzed for alcohol content. The resulting observations are: 10.8 9.6 9.5 11.4 9.8 9.1 10.4 10.7 10.2 9.8 10.4 11.1 1

    The Hypothesis Test Procedure: Meeting Government Standards

    A manufacturer claims that at least 99% of all his products meet the minimum government standards. A survey of 500 products revealed ten did not meet the standard. Conduct the standard hypothesis test procedure and answer the following: - What is the null hypothesis? - What is the alternate hypothesis? - What is t

    Small sample hypothesis test for a population mean explained in this answer

    The Smoky Bear Trucking Company claims that the average weight of a fully loaded moving van is 12,000 lbs. The highway patrol decides to check this claim. A random sample of 29 Smoky Bear moving vans shows that the average weight is 12,100 lbs with a standard deviation 800 lbs. Construct a hypothesis test to determine whether