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    Statistics - Hypothesis test and P-value

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    Ages for the 2005 Boston Red Sox pitchers are shown below. (a) Assuming this is a random sample of major league pitchers, at the 5 percent level of significance does this sample show that the true mean age of all American League pitchers is over 30 years? State your hypotheses and decision rule and show all work. (b) If there is a difference, is it important? (c) Find the p-value and interpret it. (Data are from http://boston.redsox.mlb.com.)

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    (a) H0: The true mean age of the players is not greater than 30 years

    Ha: The true mean age of the players is > 30 years

    Upper-tailed t- test at a = 0.05

    Degrees of freedom = 11; ...

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