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Statistics - Hypothesis Testing (in Excel)

10.23: Examine the data below showing the weights (in pounds) of randomly selected checked bags for an airline's flights on the same day. (a) At a = .05, is the mean weight of an international bag greater. Show the hypotheses, decision rule and test statistic. (b) At a= .05, is the variance greater for bags on an international flight? Show the hypotheses, decision rule and test statistic.

International Bags (10): 39,47,54,48,46,28,39,54,69,62
Domestic Bags (15): 29,37,43,36,33,42,33,29,32,34,43,35,38,39,39,

11.23: Mean output of solar cells of three types are measured six times under random light intensity over a period of 5 minutes, yielding the results shown. Research question: Is the mean solar cell output the same for all cell types?

Cell Type: Output (watts)
A 123,121,123,124,125,127
B 125,122,122,121,122,126
C 126,128,125,129,131,128

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