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    Hypothesis testing for variances: F test

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    For two samples from what are assumed to be normally distributed populations, the sample size and standard deviations are n1 = 10, s1 = 23.5, n2 =9 and s2=10.4. At the 0.10 level of significance, test the null hypothesis that the population variances are equal. Would your conclusion be different if the test had been conducted at the 0.05 level? At the 0.02 level?

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    We are given


    We have to check if there is any difference in variances

    Ho: two variances are same
    H1: two variances are different

    Level of significance = 0.10

    It's a two tailed test

    Let us calculate test statistics F

    For significance level 0.10

    We ...

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    Solution describes the steps for testing the claim that population variaces are equal.