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Hypothesis Testing

Normal Distributions, Central Limit Theorem and Age Distribution

Questions: Work each question, using Excel where appropriate. Remember, each gestation period is its own normal distribution. Thus, you will need to change the "mean" and "standard deviation" to reflect the question you are answering. 2. What percent of the babies born with each gestation period have a low birth w

Finding the Effectiveness of Teaching Methods

Six groups of randomly selected students matched for IQ and age were formed. Each student was taught a concept of time by using one of three methods: Lecture, demonstration, or teaching machine. The scores are shown in the table below indicated the student's performance when they were tested on how well the grasped the concept.

School Committee members of a midsized New England city

Exe_1Wk1.xls The School Committee members of a midsized New England city agreed that a strict discipline code has caused an increase in the number of student suspensions. The number of suspensions for September 1992 - February 1993 for a sample of the schools is provided below. {Data} The average num

Comparing the mean size

Suppose that you want to compare the mean size of health care claims submitted by five groups of policyholders. Ten claims are randomly selected from amongst the existing claims for each of the five groups. The data is shown in the following table: Group 1 ($) Group 2 ($) Group 3 ($) Group 4 ($) Group 5 ($) 763 1,3

Statistical Strategy and Quantitative Perspectives

I have been asked to suppose that faculty at my college are assigned overload courses hence additional compensation beyond the required contract hours based on seniority. There is a concern that new faculty may not be able to enjoy the same financial compensation as their senior faculty counterparts. How would you, from a quanti

Stonefield Homes is developing 2 parcels near Minneapolis, MN.

Stonefield Homes is developing 2 parcels near Minneapolis, MN. In order to test different advertising approached, they use different media to reach potential buyers. The mean annual family income for 75 people making inquiries at the first development is $150,000, with a standard deviation of $40,000. A corresponding sample of 1

Stating Null and Alternative Hypothesis

Help with Stating Null and Alternative hypothesis and the theories that support these hypotheses: Lemarks Studios is looking for advertiser dollars to help with production costs on its newest blockbuster movie. Lemarks Studios has several companies that want product placement in the film. The films producers wonder how many t

Hypothesis Testing and Variation in Data

TRUE OR FALSE? (WITH JUSTIFICATION) 1. Supporting the null hypothesis would be possible only if we could prove it for 100% of all possible cases. 2. If the claim says that µ >200 and the sample mean is 215, we can say that the claim is true because it is obvious even without a formal test. 3. A Calculated Value of

Assessing variability in a dataset

1. Variability in a dataset may be caused by various sources. Provide an example sample dataset where one or more than one sources causing its variability. Explain briefly with one or two lines explanations of those sources. Also, calculate the sample variance for the example data set that you have provided. 2. Organize the

Find Critical Z Value Assuming Normal Distribution

Please help me solve the following, I need the steps so that I can do them myself. Let me know how many credits will be required. 1.)Find the critical z value, assume that the normal distribution applies. alpha = 0.005; H1 is p not equal 0.20 2.)In 1990, 5.8% of job applicants who were tested for drugs failed the test. At

Hypothesis Testing

Choose a variable (such as number of daily admissions at a local theater or number of miles students have to commute daily to get to their college.) Before collecting the data, decide what a likely average might be, then complete the following: a. Write a brief statement of purpose of the study b. Define the population c.

Hypothesis Testing: Test of hypothesis for difference between means

Given the sample data below calculate the following: a. Sample Mean - Set One: ______ b. Sample Mean - Set Two:_____ c. Sample Std. Dev. - Set One: _____ d. Sample Std. Dev. - Set Two: _____ e. Sample Size - Set One: _____ f. Sample Size - Set Two: _ g. Hypothesis Test at LOS 0.01 if Set One has a higher population aver

The airline industry and overweight baggage

Airlines must be careful about the total weight of baggage carried by a plane on a commercial flight. Passengers with items exceeding the maximum single-item weight (usually about 70 pounds) must pay a fee (usually about $50.00 per item). Airlines continually monitor the proportion of overweight items in order to evaluate the ap

Randomized Complete Block Designs

For each of the following problems you are to provide the following: a) The experimental design structure (CRD, RCBD). b) The null and research hypothesis, test statistic and all important (necessary) summary statistics, rejection region and conclusion. c) Based on the results of the analysis (part b), could you have made

Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis Statement

The Production Manager at Hydro-Corn Farming, Inc. is considering hiring 15 additional laborers to harvest the corn supply during the peak season, as supply and demand are requiring. Currently, 50 laborers are harvesting a total of 1,000 ears of corn per hour. Laborers make $15.00 on overtime per hour. Laborers are having to

Statistical Analysis - Testing hypotheses by the five-step procedure

The breaking strengths of cables produced by a certain manufacturer have a mean of 1750 pounds, and a standard deviation of 60 pounds. It is claimed that an improvement in the manufacturing process has increased the mean breaking strength. To evaluate this claim, 80 newly manufactured cables are randomly chosen and tested, and

Ms. Lisa Monnin is the budget director for Nexus Media, Inc.

Please see the attached file. 1. Ms. Lisa Monnin is the budget director for Nexus Media, Inc. She would like to compare the daily travel expenses for the sales staff and the audit staff. She collected the following sample information. Sales ($) 131 135 146 165 136 142 Audit ($) 130 102 129 143 149 120 139 At the

ABC Company assembles electrical components

ABC Company assembles electrical components. Over a period of 10 days, employee John has averaged 9 rejects with a standard deviation of 2 rejects. Employee Jane averages 8.5 rejects with a standard deviation of 1.5 rejects over the same period. At the .05 significant level, can we conclude that there is less variation in the

Parkland Medical Repackaging

1. A t-test and comparison of two samples-Youth and Family and HOMES. Interpret your p-value and explain what the analysis shows practically. 2. ANOVA - interpret your p-value and explain what the analysis shows practically. Data attached.

Estimate the 'fudge' factor for passenger's weights

DB - Testing differences between population means : Read the article, Passengers face airport weigh-in. Source:, 2003. Passengers face airport weigh-in From correspondents in Washington January 29, 2003 Passengers checking in for flights on small planes may be asked to step on the scales along with their

Imported vs. Domestic Beer Prices

You want to know if there is a difference in price between imported and domestic beers. You go to your local supermarket and record the sales price and country of origin of 68 different beers. A t-test is run, the results of which appear below. Values Attached! 1.Why would it be better to use a one-tailed test in this