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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing Multiple Choice

A study was performed at a university to analyze whether the preference for hamburgers or fried chicken is related to the gender of the student. This table lists the results of the study. At a =.05, test the claim that the meal preference and the gender of the student are not related. Hamburgers Fried Chicken Female 12

General Statistics Questions

Prepare answers to the following assignments from the e-text, Applied Statistics in Business and Economics, by Doane and Seward: 8.48 A sample of 20 pages was taken without replacement from the 1,591-page phone directory Ameritech Pages Plus Yellow Pages. On each page, the mean area devoted to display ads was measured (a

M&M's: Confidence Limits and Quality Control

A 95% confidence limit is basically plus and minus two standard deviations from the mean in both directions the attached illustration (which you have seen before) shows confidence limits of 68%, 95% and 99.7%. M&M data for the regular 1.69 size bags of M&M's, the historical average works out to be 56.5 M&M's per bag - with a

P-value, test statistic, level of significance and critical value

Prepare a three-paragraph discussion of the relationship between p-value, test statistic, level of significance, and critical value. Allot one paragraph for each term. Discuss p-values for two sided and one-sided tests. Provide an example for tests using Z, Student-t, and Chi-squared. Provide equations for each when possible

Hypothesis Testing for Population Standard Deviation

10.2 The following information is available. H0: µ ≤ 10 H1: µ > 10 The sample mean is 12 for a sample of 36. The population standard deviation is 3. Use the .02 significance level. 10.10 H0:  = .40 H1:  ≠ .40 A sample of 120 observations revealed that p = .30. At the .05 significance level, can the nul

The Importance of Sampling and Hypothesis Testing

1. Why is sampling strategy important? Please provide one or two examples from your work or past experience? 2. What is the difference between the population of the study and the sampling frame? Provide an example to support your response. 3. Non-probability (purposive, quota) and probability (simply random, cluster) are t

Hypothesis Testing for Test Averages

1. We want to know if men and women perform differently on statistics test. The average of 15 mens scores was 76. The average of 10 womans scores was 83. The standard deviation in both cases is 10. a) what are the null and alternate hypothesis? b) What kind of test should be used? c) Is it a one tailed or two tailed test? Why

One-tailed and Two-tailed

What is the difference between the null and alternative hypothesis statements in one tailed and two tailed tests? How can manufacturing companies use the standard normal distribution to determine quality control of their products?

Multiple choice questions on Test of hypothesis

1) If a test of a hypothesis has a Type 1 error probability (a) of 0.01, we mean: A) if the null hypothesis is true, we don't reject it 1% of 0.01 of the time(B) if the null hypothesis is true, we reject it 1% of the time (C) if the null hypothesis is false, we don't reject it 1% of the time (D) if the null hypothesis is false

Hypothesis testing for population temperature

In order to monitor the ecological health of the Florida Everglades, various measurements are recorded at different times. The bottom temperatures are recorded at the Garfield Bight station and a mean temperature of 30.4°C is obtained for the temperatures recorded on 61 different days. Assuming that σ = 1.7°C, test the cl

Hypothesis Testing

The United States Golf Association requires that golf balls have a diameter that is 1.68 inches. An engineer for the USGA wishes to determine whether Maxfli XS golf balls have a mean diameter which is different from the 1.68. A random sample of 12 Maxfli XS golf balls was chosen. The mean diameter of the sample was 1.6809 with a

Null and Alternate Hypothesis

According to the U.S. federal Highway Administration, the mean number of miles driven annually is µ=12,200. An insurance agent in Montana believes that the mean number of miles driven by the residents of his state is higher than the national average. A random sample of 35 drivers is taken from the list of registered drivers in

Hypothesis Testing

Compares the sample statistics with parameters expected for a normal distribution. Since the mean and standard deviation were fitted from the data, they tell us nothing. The median 4.808) is slightly less than the mean (4.844), but the skewness coefficient (0.14) is fairly close to the value (0.00 that would be expected in a sym

Multiple choice questions in statistics-hypothesis, t statistic , p-value, two tailed test, population standard deviation, equality of the variance, F statistic, power of test, Kimberly Clark Corporation , related populations

I'm having trouble understanding the following question can you please explain? 1) The owner of an Internet video supplier, Netflix, has conducted a study of habits of online customers. In particular she wants to estimate the average number of videos checked out each month. Before she can determine the sample size she will ne

The number of hours that a laptop computer will function

Most computer laptops use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. However, with brighter computer displays and more powerful chips, batteries are not lasting any longer. to determine the avg. number of hrs of use that a college student gets on a laptop before the batteries fail, 51 students were randomly selected, and values of the

Test of hypothesis

4. A neurologist wants to detect whether the mean response time for drug-injected rats differs from a control group not injected. The control group has the mean response time of 1.2 seconds. 100 rats are randomly chosen and injected with a unit dose of the drug. The average response time for the injected rats is 1.05 seconds wit

Hypothesis Testing problem for proportion

A study of cats and dogs found that 11 of 50 cats and 21 of 50 dogs slept more than 10 hours per day. At the .05 level of significance, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that a difference exists between the proportion of cats and the proportion of dogs that sleep more than 10 hours per day? A)No, there is not suffici

Hypothesis Testing

The president of the American Insurance Institute wants to compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies. He selects a sample of 15 families, some with only a single insured driver, others with several teenage drivers, and pays each family a stipend to contact the two companies and ask for a price q

Hypothesis Testing

A bond analyst is analyzing the interest rates for equivalent municipal bonds issued by two different states. At= .05, is there a difference in the interest rates paid by the two states? State A State B Sample size 80 70 Mean interest rate (%) 3.7 4.25 Sample variance

Hypothesis Testing

66% of students at a university live on campus. A random sample found that 20 of 40 male students and 40 of 50 of female students lived on campus. At the .05 level of significance, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that a difference exists between the proportion of male students who live on campus and the proportion of

Alternative Hypothesis

A researcher wanted to determine if using an octane booster would increase gasoline mileage. A random sample of seven cars was selected; the cars were driven for two weeks without the booster and two weeks with the booster. Miles /Gal Without Miles / Gal With 21.2 23.8 25.4 25.6 2

Statistics problem: Test of hypothesis-difference between means

A South American custom candy producer wants to know if the mean daily consumption of regular sugar sweetened candy eaters is less than that of artificial sweetened candy eaters. Assume the standard deviation for those regular sugar sweetened candy eaters is 1.20 candy products per day and 1.36 for those individuals eating the c