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Hypothesis Testing

The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of test statistic for a number of hypothesis testing problems . Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.

II Solve each problem below. Be sure to show essential calculations. 11. The following statements refer to the alternate hypothesis. In the space provided, in symbolic form using H0, and H1 , write the null and alternate hypothesis. a. The mean pulse of lawyers is different from 90 beats per minute. H0: ____________________

Statistics: Considering Actual Production

You are trying to get an important new customer to buy a product that you produce. Their decision to buy depends on the speed at which you can produce the product once they have placed the order. Currently it takes you 70 hours on average to produce the product with a standard deviation of 8 hours. From historical data you have

Questions with Hypothesis Testing

Consider the following hypothesis test: H0: u>= 1.25 Ha: u< 1.25 A sample of 49 provides a sample mean of 1.19 and a previous population standard deviation of 0.14. Answer the following questions: a. At a=0.01, what is the critical value? b. Compute the value of the test statistic t. c. What is the p-value? d.

Should the manufacturer produce the new electrically powered cars?

An automobile manufacturer stated that it would be willing ot mass produce electrically powered cares if more than 30% of potential buyers indicate they would purchase the newly designed electric cars. In a sample of 500 potential buyers, 160 indicated they would buy such a product. Should the manufacturer produce the new elec

Significant Difference for Production Methods

11.  In order to test to see if there is any significant difference in the mean number of units produced per week by each of three production methods, the following data were collected: Method I Method II Method III 182 170 160 170 192 156 185 190 179 a. Compute the overall sample mean . b.

Partial ANOVA Table Analysis

52. The president of the American Insurance Institute wants to compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies. He selects a sample of 15 families, some with only a single insured driver, others with several teenage drivers, and pays each family a stipend to contact the two companies and ask for a p

P-Values and Mean Differences

31. A new weight-watching company, Weight Reducers International, advertises that those who join will lose, on the average, 10 pounds the first two weeks with a standard deviation of 2.8 pounds. A random sample of 50 people who joined the new weight reduction program revealed the mean loss to be 9 pounds. At the .05 level of sig

Sample Tests of Hypotheses

The following information is available. H0: 10 H1: > 10 The sample mean is 12 for a sample of 36. The population standard deviation is 3. Use the .02 significance level. (a) State the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis. (b) State the decision rule. (c) Compute the value of the test statistic. (d) What is your

Sample data present sufficient evidence to conclude the average

Candies manufactured by Cherrie Chocolate Candies Co, are supposed to weigh at least 2.00 ounces. A sample of 100 candies yields the following results. Sample mean: 1.98 ounces Sample standard deviation: 0.10 ounces Does the sample data present sufficient evidence to conclude that the average weight is in fact less than 2.0

Simple Linear Regression of Bank Loans

The president of Crooked Arrow National Bank wants to determine whether more than 60% of the banks loans are made to persons residing in Crooked Arrow. A random sample of 500 loans is selected with 320 being made to persons residing in Crooked Arrow. a. Does the sample data provide evidence to conclude the more than 60% of th

Hypothesis Testing the MBA Department

1. The MBA department is concerned that dual degree students may be receiving lower grades than the regular MBA students. Two independent random samples have been selected. 100 observations from population 1 (dual degree students) and 100 from population 2 (MBA students). The sample means obtained are X1(bar)=85 and X2(bar)=88.

Business Research

Please refer attached file for the tables. 1. A stock analyst wants to determine whether there is a difference in the mean rate of return for three types of stock: utility, retail, and banking stocks. The following sample information is collected. a. Using the 0.05 level of significance, is there a difference in the mean r

Probability and hypothesis testing problems

1. A manufacturing company measures the weight of boxes before shipping them to the customers. If the box weights have a population mean and standard deviation of 90 lbs. and 24 lbs. respectively, then based on a sample size of 36 boxes, the probability that the average weight of the boxes will: Be less than 84 lbs. is: a.

Hypothesis Testing: The Effectiveness of Ads

It's almost decision time, and the stakes are huge. With astronomical TV advertising costs per minute of airtime, it's been worthwhile to do some preliminary work so that nothing is wasted. In particular, you've been helping manage an effort to produce 22 ads for a personal hygiene product, even though only just a few will ever

Solving for the Significance Level

Scenario: During recent seasons, Major League Baseball has been criticized for the length of the games. A report indicated that the average game lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes. A sample of 17 games revealed the following times to completion. (Note that the minutes have been changed to fractions of hours, so that a game that lasted

Deb's Pizza Palace Analysis and Memo

Deb is the owner of Deb's Pizza Palace - an establishment that prides itself on preparing healthy but delicious pizzas sold by the slice. She is currently selling pizzas in a small shop on Monroe Ave. in Corvallis, but is considering an expansion of her current business to other campuses and needs help making this decision. Sh

Decision Process: Hypothesis Testing

Identify a decision process within your work or business interests that could be resolved based on data. a. Describe the null and research hypotheses. b. Compute (or use an educated guess for) an appropriate estimate and its standard error. c. Find a confidence interval. d. Test the hypothesis. e. Interpret and expla

Hypothesis Testing: increasing and Decreasing Values

Part 1 1) The value of the z- score that is obtained for a hypothesis test is influenced by several factors. Some factors influence the size of the numerator of the z- score and other factors influence the size of the standard error in the denominator. For each of the following, indicate whether the factor influences the numera

Hypothesis testing Excel

1. The Randolph Corporation is planning to replace its Alpha Machine with a newer Beta Machine. Before the replacement of Alpha takes place, the company decides to run parallel productions to see if the Beta Machine actually reduces production times. The production time results for the two machines follow. Use Excel to dete

Significance level

In a particular market there are three commercial television stations, each with its own evening news program from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M. According to a report in this morning's local newspaper, a random sample of 150 viewers last night revealed 53 watched the news on WNAE (channel 5), 64 watched on WRRN (channel 11), and 33 on WS

Statistics for Management

See the attached file. The pet-drug market is growing very rapidly. Before new pet drugs can be introduced into the market place, they must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In 1999, the Novartis Company was trying to get Anafranil, a drug to reduce dog anxiety, approved. According to an article Novartis h

Statistical Article and Hypothesis

Record: 1 Title: Research studies find marketing budgets up. Authors: Maddox, Kate Source: B to B; 12/12/2005, Vol. 90 Issue 16, p28-28, 1/3p, 1 graph Document Type: Article Subject Terms: INTERNET marketing BUSINESS-to-business transactions BLACKFRIARS Communications Inc. BUSINESS enterprises -- United St

Statistics Question-Linear

A researcher wants to determine whether the number of minutes adults spend online per day is related to gender. A random sample of 315 adults was selected and the results are shown below. Test the claim that the number of minutes spent online per day is related to gender. Use &#945;=0.05. Minutes Spent Online Per Day Gend

Z test for population mean from researcher

A researcher claims the average American drinks 52 gallons of cola per year with a population standard deviation of 2.0 gallons. We sample 25 random people and find the mean yearly consumption was 49 gallons. Using the significance level a= .10, and assuming a normal distribution what does the evidence conclude?

Hypothesis Testing (Z Testing)

A manufacturer believed he can get $1240 for his product. Wanting to prove his belief he collected a random sample of 64 potential buyers of his product and found on average they were willing to pay $1200 with a sample standard deviation of 100. If he tests at the &#61537; = .05 level what would he conclude?

Hypothesis Tests and Test Statistic

1. (1 point) The Dick Tracy Co. has developed micro-miniaturized circuitry that will enable them to produce a wristwatch-sized video-telecommunicator. Research and development costs are believed to be high, and the company is uncertain whether it should proceed. The company has a strategic alliance with Cells-R-Us, a national pr

Z test for population proportion

It was claimed recently that more than 65% of high school students in the United States use computers for educational purposes. We wish to examine this claim. We choose a random sample of 180 U.S. high school students and find that 123 of these students use computers for educational purposes. Based on this, can we conclude, at t

Statistics - Null and Alternative Hypothesis, Type 1 Error

Some college graduates employed full-time work more than 40 hours per week, and some work fewer than 40 hours per week. We suspect that the mean number of hours worked per week by college graduates mean (mu) of a population, is different from 40 hours and wish to do a statistical test. We select a random sample of college gradua