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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis and T-Testing: Oh Baby! Gifts; Oxnard accounting majors and GPA

The Web-based company Oh Baby! Gifts have a goal of processing 95 percent of its orders on the same day they are received. If 365 out of the next 375 orders are processed on the same day, would this prove that they are exceeding their goal, using α = .01? Explain your decision. AND At Oxnard University, a sample of 1

P VALUE of test for average blue-collar workers annual pay

In the midst of labor-management negotiations, the president of a company argues that the company's blue-collar workers, who are paid an average of $30,000 per year, are well paid because the mean annual income of all blue-collar workers in the country is less than $30,000. That figure is disputed by the union, which does not b

Hypothesis Testing: Remission Time & Depressed Individuals

14) Medical researchers interested in determining the relative effectiveness of two different drug treatments on people with a chronic mental illness established two independent test groups. The first group consisted of 9 people with the illness, and the second group consisted of 12 people with the illness. The first group recei

Hypothesis Testing Proportions and Statistics

9) A decade-old study found that the proportion "P" of high school seniors who believed that "getting rich" was an important personal goal was 80% . A researcher decides to test whether or not that percentage still stands. He finds that, among the 235 high school seniors in his random sample, 182 believe that "getting rich" is

Hypothesis Testing Intermediate Computations

7) An electronics manufacturing process has a scheduled mean completion time of 75 minutes. It is claimed that, under new management, the mean completion time is less than 75 minutes. To test this claim, a random sample of 9 completion times under new management was taken. The sample had a mean completion time of 73 minutes an

Hypothesis Testing Breaking Strengths

5) The breaking strengths of cables produced by a certain manufacturer have a mean of 1775 pounds, and a standard deviation of 55 pounds. It is claimed that an improvement in the manufacturing process has increased the mean breaking strength. To evaluate this claim, 90 newly manufactured cables are randomly chosen and tested,

Statistics: Experimental car bumper and repair incidents

An experimental bumper was designed to reduce damage in low-speed collisions. This bumper was installed on an experimental group of vans in a large fleet, but not on a control group. At the end of a trial period, there were 12 repair incidents (a "repair incident" is an accident that resulted in a repair invoice) for the experim

Statistics: Harmonizing depreciation methods between France, Germany and the UK

In recent years major efforts have been made to standardize accounting practices in different countries; this is called harmonization. In an article in Accounting and Business Research, Emmanuel N. Emenyonu and Sidney J. Gray (1992) studied the extent to which accounting practices in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are h

Hypothesis test with level of significance, type I and II errors

Give an example of a hypothesis test you could perform at work or at home. State what the Null and the Alternative hypotheses would be in your test. Explain how you would settle on a reasonable level of significance for your scenario. Also explain what the type I and II errors would be if you reached the incorrect conclusion in

Differences between P-Value Method and Critical Value Method

When doing hypothesis testing we have two ways of making a decision - the critical value method and the p-value method. While both give the same results in terms of determining whether to reject or not reject the null hypothesis, most statistical analysts prefer the p-value method. Describe the two methods and explain why the

Century National Bank Scatter Diagram and Correlations

1) Compute/answer the following about the variables "Balance" and "ATM", fr om the Century National Bank Data Set. a) Develop a scatter diagram that represents the question, do higher balances lead to higher usage of ATMs? b) The coefficient of correlation (interpret) c) The coefficient of determination (interpret) d) Is

Null and Alternative Hypotheses: Hybrid Car, Ohio Hospital

In each case, identify the population parameter about which a claim is made, state the null and alternative hypotheses for a hypothesis test, and indicate whether the hypothesis test will be left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed a. The manufacturer of a new model of hybrid car advertises that the mean fuel consumption i

Hypothesis test for a population proportion

The manufacturer of a new antidepressant claims that, among all people with depression who use the drug, the proportion p of people who find relief from depression is at least 80% . A random sample of 215 patients who use this new drug is selected, and 170 of them find relief from depression. Based on these data, can we reject t

Level of Significance and Hypothesis Testing

See the attached file. 2(a). In the context of hypothesis test, state what is meant by: (i). Type I error (ii). Type II error (iii). Power of the test What connections are there, if any, between them? (b). The sales and marketing team in motor business is investigating the quality of second hand cars. One indicator o

Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing - Multiple Choice

I Completed the first half, but I am struggling with the questions below. They are multiple choice. Objective: Apply hypothesis testing to different populations and samples in business research situations. 5. One characteristic of any Student's t distribution is a. It is right skewed. b. As n increases, the t-di

Independent Measures Comparing Three Treatment Conditions

1. A researcher conducts an experiment comparing three treatment conditions. The data consist of n=20 scores for each treatment condition. a. If the researcher used an independent-measures design, then how many individuals were needed for the study and what are the df values for the F ratio? b. If the researcher used a repeate

Elementary Statistics

1. Use a P- value to test the claim about the population mean μ using the given sample statistics. State your decision for α = 0.05 Claim: μ ≠ 230; Sample statistics: x (bar) = 216.5, s = 17.3, n = 48 = _ 2. If X =5.2, R =.3,and n=4, and if specifications are (4.6, 5.8), is the process capable? Show work.

Hypothesis Testng: Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test

1) Two gasoline additives will be tested to determine their impact on miles per gallon for passenger cars. In the experiment, each car was tested with both gasoline additives. Use a level of significance α = 0.05 and the rank sum test Wilcoxon test whether any significant difference in the two additives.

Case Study 11.1 (Testing hypothesis)

Sample Item Original Supplier New Supplier 1 0.374 0.391 2 0.387 0.375 3 0.359 0.365 4 0.391 0.360 5 0.390 0.366 6 0.361 0.378 7 0.376 0.377 8 0.371 0.364 9 0.373 0.332 10 0.364 0.343 11 0.390 0.378 12 0.384 0.401 13 0.384 0.382 14 0.383 0.381 15 0.381 0.363 16 0.369 0.371 17 0.361 0.352 18 0.376 0.393 19 0.38

Business Research

The maker of refrigerators buys bolts from two suppliers, and it is very important that the mean widths of the bolts received from both suppliers are equal since they must be used interchangeably. The refrigerator maker receives a large shipment of volts from each supplier and draws a random sample of 49 bolts from each shipmen

Null and Alternative Hypotheses and Levels of Significance

A lab technician is tested for her consistency by taking multiple measurements of cholesterol levels from the same blood sample. The target accuracy is a variance in measurements of 1.2 or less. If the lab technician takes 16 measurements and the variance of the measurements in the sample is 2.2, does this provide enough evide

Stem Cell Transplant & Worker Motivation Problems

See attached file for data. 10.28 Multiple myeloma, or blood plasma cancer, is characterized by increased blood vessel formulation (angiogenesis) in the bone marrow that is a prognostic factor in survival. One treatment approach used for multiple myeloma is stem cell transplantation with the patient's own stem cells. The fo