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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Hypothesis Testing: Population proportion

    Please explain how you obtained your results. 1. A student wants their College to offer Kickboxing classes as a Physical Education class. To justify that the class is desired he surveys 200 students and finds that 56% would be interested in taking the class. He goes to his Dean and tells him that based on his survey over h

    Statistics: Difference in mean selling price of homes

    A recent MBA graduate is trying to decide between two job offers, one in Omaha and one in Kansas City. One factor affecting his decision is the cost of a new home in each city. A recent study sampled 88 new home sales in the Omaha area and found that the mean selling price of a new home was $183,900 with a standard deviation o

    Significance level

    23. A real estate agent in the coastal area of Georgia wants to compare the variation in the selling price of homes on the oceanfront with those one to three blocks from the ocean. A sample of 21 oceanfront homes sold within the last year revealed the standard deviation of the selling prices was $45,600. A sample of 18 homes, al

    Statistics Case Study -Confidence interval in Minitab

    Employee Retention at D&Y Demand for systems analysts in the consulting industry is very strong. Graduates with experience in the consulting business and those who have extensive computer knowledge are getting great offers from consulting companies. Once these people are hired, they frequently switch from one company to ano

    Solve in Megastat.

    Can you provide step-by-step instructions on how do this one in Megastat? 28. Three assembly lines are used to produce a certain component for an airliner. To examine the production rate, a random sample of six hourly periods is chosen for each assembly line and the number of components produced during these periods for eac

    General Statistics Null Hypothesis

    1 What is the difference between a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis? Is the null hypothesis always the same as the verbal claim or assertion that led to the test? Why or why not? 2 For each of the following pairs of null and alternative hypotheses, determine whether the pair would be appropriate for a hypothesis

    Statistical Test

    Given the following situation, how would you use Megastat to test whether the population defective rate (proportion) is greater than 5%? Please outline the process for the test and, if necessary, include the output from Megastat to explain your approach. What conditions do you need to check to make sure that the analysis is vali

    Null Hypothesis

    Explain the difference between the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis in 150-200 words. How is the null hypothesis chosen (why is it null)? What is the importance of rejecting the null hypothesis in relation of the sample to the population? With a failure to reject the null hypothesis, can we make a general statement a

    Discussing Surveys, Purpose, Unbiased Data & Planning

    Discuss the topic of surveys. Address the following: What is the purpose of a survey? What are three examples of a survey and what potential purpose could each be used for? How can one work to ensure the participants of a survey will have their responses kept private? 1. How can one work to ensure that information gaine


    A lab technician is tested for her consistency by taking multiple measurements of cholesterol levels from the same blood sample. The target accuracy is a variance in measurements of 1.2 or less. If the lab technician takes 16 measurements and the variance of the measurements in the sample is 2.2, does this provide enough evide

    5-Step Hypothesis Test - 45 Problems

    See attached files. I need help answering the following questions. This is all the information that I have to answer these questions. Can you please put the answers to each question under the question in the space provided or pick one of the multiple choice answers or select true or false please. Can you please high lig

    5-Step Hypothesis Two-Tailed Z-Test

    Using the Autoplex Data Set (See excel spreadsheet attached) determine the Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis and the Research Question. 1. Null Hypothesis: "There is no difference between the mean price of automobiles bought by younger and older consumers." 2. Alternative Hypothesis: "There is a difference between the

    5-Step Hypothesis Tests: t-Test, z-Test and Correlation Hypothesis Test

    See attached data file. 1.Choose any published database from either the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Statistics, Yahoo! Sports, or any major Web site containing government data, college or professional sports data, or financial data on publicly traded companies. Be sure to cite the source of your dat

    Testing of Hypothesis problems

    1. A machine produces 5-inch nails. A sample of 12 nails was selected and their lengths determined. The results are as follows: 4.96 4.97 4.87 4.81 4.84 4.89 4.96 4.84 4.86 4.83 4.83 4.91 Assuming that = 0.01, test the hypothesis that the population mean is equal to 5. ?State the null and alternate hypot

    Determining Difference in Variances

    10.56 A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the October 22 matinee of Bride of Chucky showed a mean purchase of $5.29 with a standard deviation of $2.78. For the October 26 evening showing of the same movie, for a sample of 25 purchases the mean was $5.12 with a standard deviation of $2.05. The means appear to be very clo

    Determine whether the samples are independent or dependent

    Determine whether the samples are independent or dependent 1. The effectiveness of a new headache medicine is tested by measuring the amount of time before the headache is cured for patients who use the medicine and another group of patient who use a placebo drug. 2. The effectiveness of a new headache medicine is tested by

    Statistics: Crash Damage of Goliath, Varmint, Weasel

    In a bumper test, three types of autos were deliberately crashed into a barrier at 5 mph, and the resulting damage (in dollars) was estimated. Five test vehicles of each type were crashed, with the results shown below. Research question: Are the mean crash damages the same for these three vehicles? Crash Damage ($)

    Value of Z Test, Two-Tail Alternative & P-Value

    I) Given a sample of n1=40 from a population with known standard deviation,sigma1=20 and an independent sample of n2=50 from another population with known standard deviation, sigma2=10, what is the value of the Z test statistic for testing H0:u1=u2 if sample mean1=72 and sample mean2=66? ii) In the above, what is your decisio

    Alternating Series Test.

    (Alternating Series Test) If (a_n) is a non-increasing sequence of positive numbers and lim⁡〖a_n 〗=0, then the series ∑▒〖(-1)〗^n a_n converges. If the hypothesis that (a_n) is non-increasing is dropped, show or prove that the Alternating Series Test may fail.

    Statistical Techniques

    A United Nations report shows the mean family income for Mexican migrants to the United States is $27,000 per year. A FLOC(Farm Labor Organizating Committee) evaluation of 25 Mexican family units reveals a mean to be $30,000 with a sample standard deviation of $10,000. Does this information disagree with the United Nations repor

    Statistics: Five step hypothesis for testing Real Estate data

    Metro Real Estate Association is preparing a pamphlet that they feel might be of interest to prospective homebuyers in the Middletown and Brockton areas of the city. One item of interest is the number of years children remain in the same district for schooling. A sample of 40 households with school-aged children in Middletown w

    23 Multiple choice Statistics questions

    Express the null hypothesis H0 and the alternative hypothesis H1 in symbolic form. Use the correct symbol (u,p, σ) for the indicated parameter. 1) The manufacturer of a refrigerator system for beer kegs produces refrigerators that are supposed to maintain a true mean temperature, u, of 46 degrees F, ideal for a certain t

    Statistics: One sample hypothesis testing for baseball salary data

    Attached is the data set and the verbal hypothesis. One Sample Hypothesis Testing · Use the ratio or interval numerical data from one of the data set · Develop one research question from which you will formulate a research hypothesis. · Prepare a paper describing the results of a hypothesis tes

    Hypothesis Tests

    10.46 To test the hypothesis that students who finish an exam first get better grades, Professor Hardtack kept track of the order in which papers were handed in. The first 25 papers showed a mean score of 77.1 with a standard deviation of 19.6, while the last 24 papers handed in showed a mean score of 69.3 with a standard dev

    Population has average weight of 71kgs. Compute a test statistic.

    Suppose a population has average weight of 71 kgs. A sampling of that population resulted in the following weights: Weights in kgs 60 62 65 68 69 69 71 72 75 77 c. Find a 95% confidence interval for this sample of data. d. State a null hypothesis comparing the average weights of this sample with the average weight

    Hypothesis Testing-Infant Sleep Patterns

    Infant Sleep Patterns Explain your choice of answers for the above three situations A study of the sleep patterns of 6-month-old infants in the United States reported a 95% confidence interval for the average amount of time infants sleep (out of every 24 hour period) to be (11.5 hours, 15.2 hours). Suppose we want to t

    Need help to write a one page summary of this article.

    Need help to write a one page summary of this article. Critic of the article, and include your perception of thoughts of his writing.Please summarize your thoughts or main points to justify your critic. Please reword in own words if paraphrase please include reference in paragraphs and please include in text, citation, an

    Hypothesis Test - Problems and Solutions

    1. A new cell phone battery is being considered as a replacement for the current one. Ten college student cell phone users are selected to try each battery in their usual mix of "talk" and "standby" and to record the number of hours until recharge was needed. (a) Do these results show that the new battery has significantly longe

    Statistics: Explain margin of error

    Suppose a recent poll of 1,000 people sets forth that 51% of Americans support the U.S. government's "War on Drugs." This poll is shown to have a margin of error of 2%. How would you go about explaining to a neighbor what the error means and how the claim that the majority of Americans support the war on drugs may be premature.