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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing of Genetically Modified Foods

Design (but not do) a test to see if genetically modified foods are different from non-genetically modified (NGM) foods. Assume you are designing a study that will analyze GM and NGM foods, and answer the following questions. 1. What will your null and alternative hypotheses be? (Hint: Ensure your null and alternative hypo

Nonparametric Hypothesis Test

Using the research question and data below conduct a equivalent nonparametric test of hypothesis below. The hypothesis for the ANOVA test is: H0: μ1=μ2=μ3=μ4=μ5=μ6=μ7=μ8=μ9 (all means are equal) H1: Not all means are equal (at least one is different) Telecommunication Servi

Hypothesis Testing by the Wall Street Journal

The wall street journal reported 28% of people who bank online have cut back on their internet use. A credit union's manager is certain that while internet use may be down, it is much less than 28% of its customers. They are convinced that at most 10% of their customers have reduced their internet banking transactions. the cr

Hypothesis Testing Business Applications

Please help with the following problem. A major issue facing many states is whether to legalize casino gambling. Suppose the govenor of one state believes that more than 55% of the state's registered voters would favor some form of legal casino gambling. However before backing a proposal to allow such gambling, the govenor

Hypothesis Testing

The director of a state agency believes that the average starting salary for clerical employees in the state is less than $30,000 per year. To test her hypothesis, she collected a simple random sample of 100 starting clerical salaries from across the state and found that the sample mean is $29,750. 1: State the appropriate n

Hypothesis Testing for Relevant Critical Values

Provide the relevant critical value for each of the following circumstances: 1: HA: μ > 13, n = 15, σ = 10.3, Level of Significance = 0.05 2: HA: μ =/ 21, n = 23, s = 35.40, Level of Significance = 0.02

Mean salary of accountants

Is the mean salary of accountants who have reached partnership status higher than that for accountants who are not partners? A sample of 15 accountants who have the partnership status showed a mean salary of $82,000 with a standard deviation of $5,500. A sample of 12 accountants who were not partners showed a mean of $78,000 wi

Two Sample Hypothesis Test: Pay and Age

Develop one business research question from which you will formulate a research hypothesis that will test two populations. Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper describing the results of a hypothesis test of two populations. Be sure to include the following in your paper: a. Formulate both a numerical and verbal hypothesis stat

Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis Statements

Identify a research issue, problem, or opportunity that uses data that has absolute zero measurements and ratio level data. Create a paper that describes the results of a hypothesis test on your selected research issue, problem, or opportunity. Begin by describing your selection. Then, formulate both a numerical and verbal h


A local bottling company has determined the number of machine breakdowns per month and their respective probabilities as shown below: Number of Breakdowns Probability 0 0.12 1 0.38 2 0.25 3 0.18 4 0.07 ____ 1. Refer to Exhibit 1-1. The expected number of machine breakdowns per month is a. 2 b. 1.70 c. one, since i

One sample hypothesis testing for M&M experiments

Using the data derived from the M&M experiment in class develop one research question from which you will formulate a research hypothesis. prepare a 350-700words paper describing the results of a hypothesis test of one population mean or population proportion. be sure to include the following in your paper a. formulate bo

A Hypothesis Test for a Single Population Mean

Please conduct a hypothesis test for a single population mean of a quantitative variable equal to a given number. For example, test the hypothesis that the population mean of the intrinsic is equal to 5 or not. Use all 25 data rows. Since n<30, use a t statistic. For this and any hypothesis test, number the five steps

Five step hypothesis testing

1) What are the five steps involved in classic hypothesis testing? 2) In general, what is a "Critical Value" or "Cut-Off Score" of a test statistic? What are the critical values of z for a two-tailed test (.05)? What are the critical values of z for a one-tailed test (.05)? What are the critical values of z for a two-

Conduct the equivalent, non-parametric test of hypothesis

I am to determine whether the baseball players salary affects wins. I attached my full file below. Please let me know if i am missing an information. According to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, the minimum salary for a Major League Baseball player will be $390,000 in 2008 and the maximum salary in 2008 will be $

Measurement scale types, test stats, probability

A: Which of these measurement scales (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio) can be handled through hypothesis testing? B: What are the five steps in hypothesis testing? Is the order important? Why or why not? C: Just what do we mean by "test statistic"? D: Why do null and alternative hypotheses have to be mutually excl

Real world statistics example

Could you please send me an example of a real-world situation or problem addressing the independent and dependent variables study; that includes a research question; the statistical null and alternative hypotheses; an explanation of why this test is appropriate and why a parametric procedure, such as correlation or APA format.

Test Value - Criminal Proceedings

Some defendants in criminal proceedings plead guilty and are sentenced without a trial, whereas others who plead innocent are subsequently found guilty and then are sentenced. In recent years, legal scholars have speculated as to whether sentences of those who plead guilty differ in severity from sentences for those who plead i

Hypothesis testing on low-frequency data

Indoor natatoriums or swimming pools are noted for their pool acoustical properties. The goal is to design a pool in such a way that the average time that it takes a low-frequency sound to die is at most 1.3 seconds with a standard deviation of at most .6 seconds. Computer simulations of a preliminary design are conducted to see

Hypothesis test/classical approach

The problem: In Meijer supermarket, the customer's waiting time to check out is approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2.5 minutes. A sample of 25 customer waiting times produced a mean of 8.2 minutes. Is this evidence sufficient to reject the supermarket's claim that its customer checkout time averag

Bonferroni Correction

The question is what is the Bonferroni correction? When is it used? What is the principle of the Bonferroni correction? What are planned comparisons? Why do researchers making planned comparisons need to make the Bonferroni correction? If a researcher is making four planned comparisons using the .05 significance level, wh

Two or More Sample Hypothesis on real estate data

Develop two different Research Question and Two or different Statement of Hypothesis - verbal for the data set provided Research Question It should be one sentence, testable, and traditionally written with the dependent variable followed with the independent variable (if applicable.) Length: One sentence. Statement of Hy

Hypothesis testing procedures and test classifies

What hypothesis testing procedure would you use in the following situations? Explain your reasons, including assumptions and limitations for selecting the procedure. A test classifies applicants as accepted or rejected. Based on 200 applicants, test the hypothesis that ad placement success is not related to gender. A comp

Process of Hypothesis Testing and Outcomes

Discuss the process of the hypothesis testing and the outcome. Give feedback and highlight two areas of significance. Give pros and cons of the hypothesis and the outcome.

Probability of randomly selecting shafts

Problem 1 Mutual funds have become an increasing popular investment alternative for smaller investors. To help investors decide on the particular fund to invest in, various publications regularly report the average annual rate of return achieved by each of more than 100 mutual funds over a 10 year period. Some publications also

Hypothesis ...

A typical college student spends an average of 2.55 hours a day using a computer. A sample of 13 students at The University if Findlay revealed the following number of hours per day using the computer: 3.15 3.25 2.00 2.50 2.65 2.75 2.35 2.85 2.95 2.45 1.95 2.35 3.75 Can we conclude that the mean nunmber of hou

Hypothesis Testing: Paired and Simple T-Test

Present the conclusions. Delay (sec/veh) Procedure 1 Procedure 2 8.4 7.2 9.2 8.1 10.9 10.3 13.2 10.3 12.7 11.2 10.8 7.5 15.3 10.7 12.3 10.5 19.7 11.9 8 8.7 7.4 5.9 26.7 18.6 12.1 8.2 10.7 8.5 10.1 7.5 12 9.5 11.9 8.1 10 8.8 22 19.8 41.3 36.4 b) Would it have been more approp

Hypothesis testing and value of test statistic

The mean cleanup and redecorating time for a one-bedroom student apartment at campus Housing is 16 hours. The time for the cleanup and redecorating process follows the normal distribution. The campus Housing administration instituted a "fee and fine system" that encourages students to clean their apartments when they vacate them