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Hypothesis Testing

Solving for the Significance Level

Scenario: During recent seasons, Major League Baseball has been criticized for the length of the games. A report indicated that the average game lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes. A sample of 17 games revealed the following times to completion. (Note that the minutes have been changed to fractions of hours, so that a game that lasted

Deb's Pizza Palace Analysis and Memo

Deb is the owner of Deb's Pizza Palace - an establishment that prides itself on preparing healthy but delicious pizzas sold by the slice. She is currently selling pizzas in a small shop on Monroe Ave. in Corvallis, but is considering an expansion of her current business to other campuses and needs help making this decision. Sh

Decision Process: Hypothesis Testing

Identify a decision process within your work or business interests that could be resolved based on data. a. Describe the null and research hypotheses. b. Compute (or use an educated guess for) an appropriate estimate and its standard error. c. Find a confidence interval. d. Test the hypothesis. e. Interpret and expla

Hypothesis Testing: increasing and Decreasing Values

Part 1 1) The value of the z- score that is obtained for a hypothesis test is influenced by several factors. Some factors influence the size of the numerator of the z- score and other factors influence the size of the standard error in the denominator. For each of the following, indicate whether the factor influences the numera

Hypothesis testing Excel

1. The Randolph Corporation is planning to replace its Alpha Machine with a newer Beta Machine. Before the replacement of Alpha takes place, the company decides to run parallel productions to see if the Beta Machine actually reduces production times. The production time results for the two machines follow. Use Excel to dete

Statistics for Management

The pet-drug market is growing very rapidly. Before new pet drugs can be introduced into the market place, they must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In 1999, the Novartis Company was trying to get Anafranil, a drug to reduce dog anxiety, approved. According to an article Novartis had to find a way to transl

Statistical Article and Hypothesis

Record: 1 Title: Research studies find marketing budgets up. Authors: Maddox, Kate Source: B to B; 12/12/2005, Vol. 90 Issue 16, p28-28, 1/3p, 1 graph Document Type: Article Subject Terms: INTERNET marketing BUSINESS-to-business transactions BLACKFRIARS Communications Inc. BUSINESS enterprises -- United St

Statistics Question-Linear

A researcher wants to determine whether the number of minutes adults spend online per day is related to gender. A random sample of 315 adults was selected and the results are shown below. Test the claim that the number of minutes spent online per day is related to gender. Use α=0.05. Minutes Spent Online Per Day Gend

Hypothesis Tests and Test Statistic

1. (1 point) The Dick Tracy Co. has developed micro-miniaturized circuitry that will enable them to produce a wristwatch-sized video-telecommunicator. Research and development costs are believed to be high, and the company is uncertain whether it should proceed. The company has a strategic alliance with Cells-R-Us, a national pr

Z test for population proportion

It was claimed recently that more than 65% of high school students in the United States use computers for educational purposes. We wish to examine this claim. We choose a random sample of 180 U.S. high school students and find that 123 of these students use computers for educational purposes. Based on this, can we conclude, at t

Hypothesis of Different Population Averages

If you set the following hypothesis for differences between population averages, these are: H0: mu;1 = mu;2 H0: mu;1 not equal to; mu;2 a. You must apply a test of a tail to the left b. None of the above c. You must apply a test of a tail to the right d. You must apply a two-tailed test

Statistics - Hypothesis tests...

Hypothesis tests for the correlation coefficient and the slope of the least-squares regression line The Cadet is a popular model of sport utility vehicle, known for its relatively high resale value. For a random sample of Cadets, each bought "new" two years ago and each sold "used" within the past month, the sample correlatio

Statistics of Plant Heights

Heights were measured for a random sample of 20 plants grown while being treated with a particular nutrient. The sample mean and sample standard deviation of those height measurements were 39 centimeters and 12 centimeters, respectively. Assume that the population of heights of treated plants is normally distributed with mea

Estimation and Test of Hypothesis

1. When the means of two unrelated samples are used to compare two populations, we are dealing with two dependent means ___ T/F 2. If standard deviation is unknown when completing a hypothesis test about the population mean, then the best estimate for the unknown standard deviation is s. _____ T/F 3. The number of d

P-value for Fast Food Companies

1. Determine the p-value for H0: p=.5 versus HA: p =/ (difference) .5 when n=225 and p^ =.54. 2. A fast food company uses two management-training methods. Method 1 is a traditional method of training and Method 2 is a new and innovative method. The company has just hired 36 new management trainees. 15 of the trainees are

Results of a Medical Diagnostic Test

Which is generally more serious when getting the results of a medical diagnostic test: a false-positive, which tells you that you have the disease when you do not, or a false-negative, which tells you that you do not have the disease when you do?

Significance Levels, P-Values, and Confidence Intervals

You are investigating the flight characteristics of different kinds of birds. You collect a sample of 33 European swallows (Hirundo rustica) and measure their air-speed velocity in a borrowed wind tunnel. You find the mean air-speed velocity to be 11 meters/second with a standard deviation of 3 meters/second. You then collect a

Statistical Tests, Hypothesis Testing, p-Values, and Sample Size

1. Classify the following as independent or dependent samples: a. The effectiveness of two blood pressure medicines on two groups of patients. b. Measures of gas mileage and speed for a group of racecars. c. Scores of a group of nurses on the NCLEX nursing license exam. 2. Please answer the following. a. Expla

Null Hypothesis of M&M colors with ANOVA

The weights (in grams) of four different colors of M&M candies are given below, along with the mean weight and variance of each color, and the variance of the sample means. Use a one-way ANOVA at the 0.025 significance level to test the null hypothesis that the different color M&M candies have the same mean weight. Red Oran

Biostatistics in Genstat

1. (a) The medical literature suggest that the probability of a child contracting chickenpox (A) is 0.18; of contracting German measles (B), 0.12; and of contracting both, 0.07. i. Are the two events A and B mutually exclusive? Independent? Explain. ii. Find the probability that a child will contract at least one of the t

In this solution, the solution calculations are done using Excel. There are four tests of hypothesis regarding the population mean, the four standard deviations of the four samples are compared, and upper and lower control limits for the process are calculated.

Quality Associates, Inc, a consulting firm, advises its clients about sampling and statistical procedures that can be used to control their manufacturing processes. In one particular application, a client gave Quality Associates a sample of 800 observations taken during a time in which that client's process was operating satisfa

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Hypothesis Tests Multiple Choice

See the attached file for the proper symbols and formatting. Part I T/F & Multiple Choice 1. An estimator is consistent if, as the sample size decreases, the value of the estimator approaches the value of the parameter estimated. ____ T/F 2. For a specific confidence interval, the larger the sample size, the smaller

Population Means testing :True for false question

Please indicate either TRUE or FALSE for the questions. If you indicate FALSE as your answer, briefly explain why the statement is false. 1. In order to compare the characteristics of two different populations, a sample should be extracted from each population. 2. When two populations are compared and samples taken fr

Variance and Sketching P-Values

1. In this test, the variance is known. Find the p-value of the test to 4 decimals, if the obtained value of the test statistic is 2.34. Make a sketch and represent the p-value. H_o : Mu = Mu_o H_a : Mu ,not = to, Mu_o 2. In this test, the variance is known. Find the p-value of the test to 4 decimals, if the obtained valu

Hypotheses test for the United States Department of Labor

In 2001, the U.S. Department of Labor reported the average hourly earnings for U.S. production workers to be $14.32 per hour. A sample of 60 production workers during 2003 showed a sample mean of $14.68 per hour. Assuming the population standard deviation σ = $1.55, can we conclude that an increase occurred in the mean hourly e

Calculations for hypothesis testing problems

The Employment and Training Administration reported the U.S. mean unemployment insurance benefit of $238 per week (The World Almanac 2003). A researcher in the state of Virginia anticipated that sample data would show evidence that the mean weekly unemployment insurance benefit in Virginia was below the national level. For a sam

P-value and test statistic for Haug Motor Company

Marketing executives at Haug Motor Company, producers of the world's most imposing SUVs, are planning their sales campaign for a new model, the 6000 lb. Enviroraptor MPG-8?. They are staking their hopes on the belief that the average American is more interested in personal aggrandizement than in the environment or public safety.

Can conclude that the waiting time is less than 3 minutes?

The Restaurants McBurger says that the waiting time for customers is 3 minutes with a standard deviation of population 1 minute. The quality control department found in a sample of 50 clients that the average waiting time was 2.75 minutes. With a significance level of 0.05. Can conclude that the waiting time is less than 3 minut