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Hypothesis Testing

Word paper and sources

300 word paper a little more is fine...... explain the role of statistics in research.... Statistics and its role in psychological research

Null hypothesis and one-tailed/two-tailed test

A researcher is looking at the relationship between home-schooling and achievement. She is hypothesizing that the home-schooled children will score higher than non home-schooled children on a standardized achievement test. a. What is the null hypothesis? b. What is the alternative hypothesis? (Remember that every possibility

Solving a Hypothesis Testing Question

Problem: You are working with a piece of manufacturing machinery that fills pouches; the pouch weight is supposed to be 8.8 ounces after being filled; you have been asked to see if the average weight is different from 8.8 ounces at the 0.05 level of significance. You have a sample of 14 filled pouches with the following wei

Nonparametric Hypothesis Test: Scheffe's test

I need to conduct a nonparametric test of hypothesis. I want to use the Scheffe's nonparametric test as the "equivalent, nonparametric test" in the problem. H0: There is no significant difference within the annual mean earning wages of Hispanic and Non Hispanic H1: There is significant difference within the mean earning wa

Is it reasonable to conclude the percent is less now than five years ago?

58. The amount of income spent on housing is an important component of the cost of living. The total costs of housing for homeowners might include mortgage payments, property taxes, and utility costs (water, heat, electricity). An economist selected a sample of 20 homeowners in New England and then calculated these total housing

Significance Level

42. During recent seasons, Major League Baseball has been criticized for the length of the games. A report indicated that the average game lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes. A sample of 17 games revealed the following times to completion. (Note that the minutes have been changed to fractions of hours, so that a game that lasted 2 hou

Testing a hypothesis in 5-steps

A new process for producing synthetic diamonds can be operated at a profitable level only if the average weight of the diamonds produced by the process is greater than 0.5 karat. To evaluate the profitability of the process, a sample of six diamonds was generated using this new process, with recorded weights .46, .61, .52, .48,

Techniques for Decision Analysis

Where can we use Decision Analysis? Please express your views on where you could apply different techniques for Decision Analysis.

Pronto Pizza Case Study: Data Analysis

[See attachment for case study] Tony has asked you for some assistance in interpreting the data that he has collected. In particular, he needs to know if the true average delivery time for Pronto Pizza is greater than 25 minutes. Use the data in the file PRONTO.XLSX to answer his question. A description of this data set is gi

Base statistics

What is you numeric and verbal hypothesis statement regarding your research? Verbal: If a baseball team has a salary greater than the mean amount, then the wins for that year will be greater than 75. Alternate: If a baseball team has a salary less than the mean amount, then the wins for that year will be less than

1) At the .01 significance level, is there a difference in the mean number of times men and women order take-out dinners in a month? What is the p-value? 2) At the .05 significance level, is there a difference in the mean waiting time?

27. A recent study focused on the number of times men and women who live alone buy take-out dinner in a month. The information is summarized below Statistic Men Women Sample mean 24.51 22.69 Population standard deviation 4.48 3.86 Sample size 35 40 At the .01 significance level, is there a difference in the mean number

10 statistics multiple choice questions

1. A large department store examined a sample of the 18 credit card sales and recorded the amounts charged for each of three types of credit cards: MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Six MasterCard sales, seven Visa and five Discover sales were recorded. What are the degrees of freedom for the F statistic? A. 18 in the numerato

Statistics Professional Auto Racing Drivers

A professional auto racing driver was given training in competition driving techniques. His driving times in seconds on five different race tracks were recorded before and after the training. At the 0.01 level of significance, was the training beneficial? State and conduct an appropriate hypothesis test. Track Befor

Description of Hypothesis Testing

The average price of regular gasoline in the continental US states and the District of Columbia was $3.74 on August 18, 2008. Alaska and Hawaii are not included as the gas prices there are much higher than the continental US. The price of gasoline in the eleven western states of the US (Daily Fuel Gauge Report) on the same day

Candidate of a Party being a Projected Winner

Problem In a certain county, two candidates are running for a county office. A couple of hours into the voting, a thousand of the votes cast have been counted and the candidate belonging to party X is leading with 51% of the 1000 votes counted so far. The local TV station wants to determine if a winner can be projected. A cand

Statistics Problems and Hypothesis Testing

This is a question concerning the use of hypothesis testing: A political action committee decided to poll its membership to determine if they were in favor of a certain potential law, similar to gun control. The results that came back were 125 in favor of the law, and 120 against. Given that the crew at the center would use t

Testing Hypothesis Problems and System Increase Error

Suppose a new production system will be implemented if a hypothesis test support the conclusion that the new system increase production. a) state the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses if the mean production of the current system is 400 units per hour. b) what is Type I error in this situation? what are the conseq

Chapter 9 - Hypothesis Testing

I am currently struggling understanding how to get the right answers for my hypothesis testing chapter 9. Please provide steps on how to obtain the solution? I believe I'm missing several steps: Doan & Seward edition 9.7 Calculate the test statistic and p-value for each sample. b. H0: &#960; &#8805; .50 versus H1: &#960; <

Statistical analysis on family dental expenses

Please show the solutions step by step and word-process formulas using Equation Editor. 1. Annual family dental expenses for the families of a random sample of ten employees of a company are given below. You can assume the family dental expenses for the employees of the company are normally distributed. $450, $390, $550, $1

Appropriate Hypothesis Test and Test Statistic

The Dick Tracy Co. has developed micro-miniaturized circuitry that will enable them to produce a wristwatch-sized video-telecommunicator. Research and development costs are believed to be high, and the company is uncertain whether it should proceed. The company has a strategic alliance with Cells-R-Us, a national provider of cel

Hypothesis testing political polls

Political polls typically sample randomly from the U.S population to investigate the percentage of voters who favor some candidate or issue. The number of people polled is usually on the order of 1000. Suppose that one such poll asks voters how they feel about the President's handling of the crisis in the financial markets. The

Statistics Problems

Please help by providing solutions and SHOW WORK to help understand the set up for the problems. Distribution tables are attached for ease. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. In Week 1 of RES/342 we determined the optimal sample size, n, using a three variable formu

Calculating frequencies and testing a hypothesis

2 problems that I need help with. ----------------------------------- # 4) A legal researcher is studying the age distribution of juries by comparing them with the overall age distribution of available jurors. The researcher claims that the jury distribution is different from the overall distribution; that is, there is a no

Math Term Expression

Could you please help me express the written in math terms, and also provide charts or graphs to represent? During the past three (May, June and July) a vast amount of employees been absent from Greg's Grand Corporation. The amount of absences in one department has caused great concern in Greg's Grand Corporation's management

Samples - Perform hypothesis testing ...

Perform hypothesis testing on one variable's data(choose either the intrinsic or extrinsic Job Satisfaction)using 25 as our data set number. Perform a t-test by formulating a null and an alternative statement choosing an acceptable significance value, determining the appropriate critical value, selecting the test statistic and

Hypothesis testing on real estate data

STATISTICS Tasks: ? Decide on an issue that you wish to investigate and obtain the sample data that you will use. ? Decide on 5 questions (in everyday English) that you wish to answer. Note: At this stage, do not try to answer these questions. ? For each quantitative variable use Excel to analyze your data by o p