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Whole Foods Market Website

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1. What kind of business (industry / area of commerce) is the company involved in?

2. What kind of statistics information did you find? List them if there's more than one kind. Describe each as to origin (how do you think the data was obtained) and type of measurement.

3. To what division of the company is the statistics information you found related?
(Marketing, Finances, Production, etc.)

4. Give a brief opinion as to what this information is probably used for, and what reasons the firm might have to post it on its web page.


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1> Whole Foods is a company that sells natural and organic foods. It focuses on selling the highest quality of food to the public, while making sure that employees are well treated, and customers are offered a delightful shopping experience.

2> There is statistical information everywhere in the documents. If you open 2010 3rd quarter, we see that the first sentence is: 8.8% Comparable Store Sales Growth Helps Drive 5.3% Operating Margin

What does this mean? It means that the Whole Foods stores grew 8.8%. This is great financial news given the hard economy. In addition, the increase in growth has resulted in an increase in the company's operating margins. This is a measure of the company's efficiency, and can be seen as the company's profitability. Having a 5.3% increase is wonderful, and shows strong performance.

This data was obtained by looking at sales in all of ...

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