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    Whole Foods Market is also a "Learning Organization."

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    Hi!! The topic has to do with Organizational Learning & Learning Organizations. I need assistance in responding to the below;

    1. Please describe the extent to which you believe Whole Foods Market is also a "Learning Organization."

    2. If so, how does Whole Foods Market "learn"?

    3. What has Whole Foods "learned," and through what mechanism(s)?

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    //The following discussion throws light on Whole Foods Market, a leading supermarket chain of the US and its process of becoming a learning organization. The discussion highlights the various ways that are adopted by Whole Foods Market for becoming a learning organization and the ways by which it learn various things and aspects. At last, various aspects learned and inculcated by the company have been discussed along with the various mechanism.//

    Whole Foods Market is a learning organization that helps its members to transform continuously through various kinds of learning. Such kinds of organizations are developed as a result of various pressures that are faced by the organizations, and it also helps the company to remain competitive in the business environment (Foskett & Lumby, 2003). Whole Foods Market is a leading American supermarket chain that specifically specializes in various kinds of organic foods. The company is considered as a learning organization as it values experimentation and supports various kinds of ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 647 words with APA References