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Hypothesis Testing

A Hypothesis Test for a Single Population Mean

Please conduct a hypothesis test for a single population mean of a quantitative variable equal to a given number. For example, test the hypothesis that the population mean of the intrinsic is equal to 5 or not. Use all 25 data rows. Since n<30, use a t statistic. For this and any hypothesis test, number the five steps

Five step hypothesis testing

1) What are the five steps involved in classic hypothesis testing? 2) In general, what is a "Critical Value" or "Cut-Off Score" of a test statistic? What are the critical values of z for a two-tailed test (.05)? What are the critical values of z for a one-tailed test (.05)? What are the critical values of z for a two-

Conduct the equivalent, non-parametric test of hypothesis

I am to determine whether the baseball players salary affects wins. I attached my full file below. Please let me know if i am missing an information. According to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, the minimum salary for a Major League Baseball player will be $390,000 in 2008 and the maximum salary in 2008 will be $

Measurement scale types, test stats, probability

A: Which of these measurement scales (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio) can be handled through hypothesis testing? B: What are the five steps in hypothesis testing? Is the order important? Why or why not? C: Just what do we mean by "test statistic"? D: Why do null and alternative hypotheses have to be mutually excl

Real world statistics example

Could you please send me an example of a real-world situation or problem addressing the independent and dependent variables study; that includes a research question; the statistical null and alternative hypotheses; an explanation of why this test is appropriate and why a parametric procedure, such as correlation or APA format.

Test Value - Criminal Proceedings

Some defendants in criminal proceedings plead guilty and are sentenced without a trial, whereas others who plead innocent are subsequently found guilty and then are sentenced. In recent years, legal scholars have speculated as to whether sentences of those who plead guilty differ in severity from sentences for those who plead i

Hypothesis testing on low-frequency data

Indoor natatoriums or swimming pools are noted for their pool acoustical properties. The goal is to design a pool in such a way that the average time that it takes a low-frequency sound to die is at most 1.3 seconds with a standard deviation of at most .6 seconds. Computer simulations of a preliminary design are conducted to see

Hypothesis test/classical approach

The problem: In Meijer supermarket, the customer's waiting time to check out is approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2.5 minutes. A sample of 25 customer waiting times produced a mean of 8.2 minutes. Is this evidence sufficient to reject the supermarket's claim that its customer checkout time averag

Bonferroni Correction

The question is what is the Bonferroni correction? When is it used? What is the principle of the Bonferroni correction? What are planned comparisons? Why do researchers making planned comparisons need to make the Bonferroni correction? If a researcher is making four planned comparisons using the .05 significance level, wh

Two or More Sample Hypothesis on real estate data

Develop two different Research Question and Two or different Statement of Hypothesis - verbal for the data set provided Research Question It should be one sentence, testable, and traditionally written with the dependent variable followed with the independent variable (if applicable.) Length: One sentence. Statement of Hy

Hypothesis testing procedures and test classifies

What hypothesis testing procedure would you use in the following situations? Explain your reasons, including assumptions and limitations for selecting the procedure. A test classifies applicants as accepted or rejected. Based on 200 applicants, test the hypothesis that ad placement success is not related to gender. A comp

Process of Hypothesis Testing and Outcomes

Discuss the process of the hypothesis testing and the outcome. Give feedback and highlight two areas of significance. Give pros and cons of the hypothesis and the outcome.

Probability of randomly selecting shafts

Problem 1 Mutual funds have become an increasing popular investment alternative for smaller investors. To help investors decide on the particular fund to invest in, various publications regularly report the average annual rate of return achieved by each of more than 100 mutual funds over a 10 year period. Some publications also

Hypothesis ...

A typical college student spends an average of 2.55 hours a day using a computer. A sample of 13 students at The University if Findlay revealed the following number of hours per day using the computer: 3.15 3.25 2.00 2.50 2.65 2.75 2.35 2.85 2.95 2.45 1.95 2.35 3.75 Can we conclude that the mean nunmber of hou

Hypothesis testing and value of test statistic

The mean cleanup and redecorating time for a one-bedroom student apartment at campus Housing is 16 hours. The time for the cleanup and redecorating process follows the normal distribution. The campus Housing administration instituted a "fee and fine system" that encourages students to clean their apartments when they vacate them

Methods of Computation for Significance

A personnel psychologist studying adjustment to the job of new employees found that employees' amount of education (in number of years) predicts ratings by job supervisors two months later. The regression constant in the linear prediction rule for predicting job ratings from education is 0.5 and the regression coefficient is

Methods of computation and quantitative ability

A person scores 81 on a test of verbal ability and 6.4 on a test of quantitative ability. For the verbal ability test, the mean for people in general is 50 and the standard deviation is 20. For the quantitative ability test, the mean for people in general is 0 and the standard deviation is 5. Which is this person's stronger abil

Two-tailed tests and further statistical analysis

A coin-operated drink machine was designed to discharge a mean of 6 ounces of coffee per cup. In a test of the machine, the discharge amounts in 14 randomly chosen cups of coffee from the machine were recorded. The sample mean and sample standard deviation were 6.11ounces and .16ounces, respectively. If we assume that the discha

The solution to Test of hypothesis

Given the following hypothesis: Ho: M = 400 H alternative: M not equal to 400 For a random sample of 12 observations, the sample mean was 407 and the sample standard deviation 6. Using the .01 significance level: a. State the decision rule. b. Compute the value of the test statistic. c. What is your decision reg

The answer to One sample Z test

For this exercise answer the questions: A. is this a one-or two- tailed test? B. what is the decision rule? C. what is the value of the test statistic? D. what is your decision regarding H¥ï? E. what is the type p - value? Interpret it. The following information is available. H 10 HÌ > 10 The sample mean is 12

Probability of Individual Scores

Individual scores of a placement examination are normally distributed with a mean of 84.2 and a standard deviation of 12.8. If the score of an individual is randomly selected, find the probability that the score will be less than 90.0. If a random sample of size n = 20 is selected, find the probability that the sample mean

Hypothesis testing and level of measurement

IDENTIFYING LEVEL OF MEASUREMENT There are four levels of measurement, two are numeric and two are attribute data. This first time around, try to identify if a question produces a number or a text number. This not always an easy as you will see. This will be needed later when choosing a hypothesis test. Please attached, I at


Hypothesis test for the difference of population proportions For several decades, it was a common practice in Southern California for houses to be built with pools in the backyard (as any airplane flight which ends at a Southern California airport will reveal). Now, however, that practice may be changing, possibly because of t

What is the p value and can you describe the steps in formal hypothesis testing?

I need help with proving that a population mean is not 150. Use an alpha of 5% and set up the full, detailed, five step hypothesis test. Assume when the sample 200 is taken the sample standard deviation is 10 and the sample mean is 151.77. What is the p value? Describe the steps in formal hypothesis testing. Make at least

Samplings of Pine Trees and Spruce Trees

A field researcher is gathering data on the trunk diameters of mature pine and spruce trees in a certain area. The following are the results of his random sampling. Can he conclude, at the .10 level of significance, that the average trunk diameter of a pine tree is greater than the average diameter of a spruce tree?

Hypothesis test two sample student t test

To test the hypothesis that students who finish an exam first get better grades, Professor Hardtack kept track of the order in which papers were handed in. + The first 25 papers showed a mean score of 77.1 with a standard deviation of 19.6 + The last 24 papers showed a mean score of 69.3 with a standard deviation of 24.9.