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    Hypothesis Testing

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    4. For a candidate to win in a congressional district, he has to have won over half of the vote. The Republican candidate takes a poll to assess his chances in a two-candidate race. He polls 1200 potential voters and find that 621 plan to vote for the Republican candidate. Does the Republican candidate have a chance to win? Use

    Test Airport baggage scanning machine claims of 580 bags per hour

    The manufacturer of an airport baggage scanning machine claims it can handle an average of 580 bags per hour. At alpha (?) = .01, would a sample of 18 randomly chosen hours with a mean of 525 and a standard deviation of 45 support the manufacturer's claim? Do both by hand and with Excel. Note- Use a 0.05 level of significance

    Statistics Problems: Test for mean, proportion, paired samples, independence

    See attached file for clarity of the tables included. 1. ONE SAMPLE HYPOTHESIS TEST FOR MEAN: A bowler who has averaged 196 pins in the past year is asked to experiment with a ball made of a new kind of material. If he rolls 25 games with the new ball, averaging 204 pins with a standard deviation of 24.9, can one conclude

    Statistics: Identify the test statistice, critical value, conclusion, p value

    1. A coin mint has a specification that a particular coin has a mean weight of 2.5g. A sample of 39 coins was collected. Those coins have a mean weight of 2.49382g and a standard deviation of 0.01581g. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that this sample is from a population with a weight equal to 2.5g. Do the coins

    9.26 Airport baggage scanning machine can average 530 bags per hour

    9.26 The manufacturer of an airport baggage scanning machine claims it can handle an average of 530 bags per hour. (a) At ± = .05 in a left-tailed test, would a sample of 16 randomly chosen hours with a mean of 510 and a standard deviation of 50 indicate that the manufacturer's claim is overstated? (b) Why might the ass

    Canning factory mean weight of 8 oz cans from Line A and Line B

    5. Shipments of meat, meat by-products, and other ingredients are mixed together in several filling lines at a canning factory. Operations managers suspect that, although the mean amount filled per can of food is usually stable, the variability of the cans filled in line A is greater than that of line B. The following data from

    Hypothesis Testing of Mean: Shopping Time

    1. An article in Baltimore Sun claimed that the typical supermarket trip takes a mean of 22 minutes. Suppose that in an effort to test this claim, you select a sample of 50 shoppers at a Baltimore City Giant. The mean shopping time for the sample of 50 shoppers is 25.36 minutes, with a standard deviation of 7.24 minutes (estimat

    Hypothesis Testing: Mean life for a shipment of lightbulbs

    The quality-control manager at a light bulb factory needs to determine whether the mean life of a large shipment of light bulbs is equal to 375 hours. The population standard deviation is 100 hours. A random sample of 64 light bulbs indicates a sample mean life of 350 hours. a. At the 0.05 level of significance, is there eviden


    Section 7.1 : Introduction to Hypothesis Testing 1. State the claim mathematically. Then write the null and alternative hypothesis. Determine whether the hypothesis test is left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed. (References: Definition of a statistical hypothesis on page 365, example 1 on page 366 and example 3 on page 371;

    Hypothesis Testing: Fair Coin Flipping

    Flip a coin 30 times and record the results. A fair coin should land on heads 50% of the time, which is the claim that we will use for our hypothesis. My results after flipping the coin: 17 heads and 13 tails My hypothesis would be: HO: p=0.5 Ha: p not = to 0.5 Where p represents the proportion of heads. Please he

    Health study of the effectiveness of aspirin in the reduction of heart attacks

    A physician's health study of the effectiveness of aspirin in the reduction of heart attacks was begun in 1982 and completed in 1987 (see C. Hennekens et al., "Findings from the Aspirin Component of the Ongoing Physician's Health Study," The New England Journal of Medicine 318 (January 28, 1988): 262-264). Of 11,037 male medica

    BioStatistics Risk Factors: HIV Infection

    A study was conducted looking at risk factors for HIV infection among intravenous drug users enrolled in a methadone program. The data given below were presented regarding the presence of HIV antibody among 120 non-Hispanic white subjects by total family income as assessed by blood testing at one point in time. Group

    The Procedure to Test the Efficacy of Drugs

    Two drugs (A,B) are compared for the medical treatment of duodenal ulcer. For this purpose, patients are carefully matched on age, sex, and clinical condition. The treatment results based on 200 matched pairs show that for 89 matched pairs both treatments are effective; for 90 matched pairs both treatments are ineffective; for 5

    Hypothesis Testing

    Independent random samples taken on two university campuses revealed the following information concerning the average amount of money spent on textbooks during the fall semester. University A University B Sample Size 50

    Hypothesis Testing: Finding Proportion of Females

    In a random sample of 400 employees of a local company, 180 were female. a. At 95% confidence using the critical value approach, determine if the proportion of females in the company is significantly less than 50%. b. At 95% confidence using the p-value approach, test to determine if the proportion of females in the compan

    Hypothesis tests on two populations

    Problem 3 for Unit 10: Hypothesis Tests on two populations The Management of Discount furniture designed an incentive plan for its Salespeople.To evaluate this innovative plan, 12 sales persons were selected at random and their weekly sales before and after the plan were recorded. The paired data is: Before: 408, 377, 506, 518

    Entomologist: Insects and Pheromone

    An entomologist is studying the effect of a chemical sex attractant (pheromone) on insects. Several insects are released at a site equidistant from the pheromone under study and a control substance. If the pheromone has an effect, more insects will travel towards it rather than towards the control. Otherwise, the insects are equ

    The Five Step Hypothesis: Reducing Wait Time

    At Kelsey High School, Mrs. Oâ??brien noted that the students were waiting too long in line for their lunches. After collecting some data, Ms. Oâ??brien determined the mean wait time was 10 minutes. She felt this time period was excessive and she instituted new procedures to streamline the process. One month later, a sample

    The solution to Hypothesis Testing of Mean & Proportion

    1. A certain brand of Green Energy light bulbs was advertised as having an average illumination life-span of 2,500 hours. A random sample of 50 bulbs burned out with a mean life-span of 2,470 hours and a sample standard deviation of 140 hours. With a 0.05 level of significance, is the sample mean less than the advertised mean

    Statistics Research and Evaluations: American Insurance Institute, Univ of Toledo

    See attached file for table to problem 1. 1. The president of the American Insurance Institute wants to compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies. He selects a sample of 15 families, some with only a single insured driver, others with several teenage drivers, and pays each family a stipend

    Investigated race and equality of access to clinical trials

    Researchers investigated the issue of race and equality of access to clinical trials. The table below shows the population distribution and the numbers of participants in clinical trials involving lung cancer (Based on data from "Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials," by Murthy, Krumholz, and Gross, Journal of the American Me

    Pearson r calculation for height and shoe size

    One day, you notice your 6' 2" roommate's size 12 shoes and comment, "I think height and foot size are correlated". You're somewhat surprised (and irked) by his response, "I think short people have big mouths." You decide to test your hypothesis; you find five people and record their heights (in inches) and shoe sizes. Calculate

    Testing of Hypothesis and Production Levels

    Flash Jolt, a manufacturer of camera equipment, annually introduces new models in the fall of the year. At the conclusion of the Christmas season, retail dealers are contacted regarding their stock on hand of each piece of equipment. It has been discovered that unless 47% of the new equipment ordered by the retailers in the fall