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Hypothesis Testing

Critical value approach, p- value approach for sample

Show all work. A sample of 30 cookies is taken to test the claim that each cookie contains at least 9 chocolate chips. The average number of chocolate chips per cookie in the sample was 7.8 with a standard deviation of 3. -State the null and alternative hypotheses -Using the critical value approach, test the hypotheses at

Null and Alternative Hypothesis for Filling Soft Drink Bottles

A soft drink filling machine, when in perfect adjustment, fills the bottles with 12 oz. of soft drink. Any over filling or under filling results in the shutdown and readjustment of the machine. -To determine whether or not the machine is properly adjusted, the correct hypothesis is: a) Ho: μ < 12 H1: Μ ≤

Statistics: Hypothesis testing, p-value, confidence level

Please show all work: A random sample of 16 students selected from the student body of a large university had an average age of 25 years and a standard deviation of 2 years. We want to determine if the average age of all the students at the university is significantly more than 24. Assume the distribution of the population of

P-Value, Confidence Level for Hypothesis Testing

All work must be shown. Question 1 n=36 xbar =24.6 s= 12 Ho: Mâ?¤20 Ha: M > 20 -The statistc test is: a) 2.3 b) 0.38 c) .2.3 d-0.38 -The p-value is between: a) 0.005 to 0.001 b) 0.01 to 0.025 c) 0.025 to 0.05 d) 0.05 to 0.10 -If the test is done at 95% confidence, the null hypothesis should: a) Not be

Testing null and alternative hypothesis

Establish a null and alternative hypothesis about the mean of the original popoulation of data, test the sample results against the population, esplain the relationship between your sample data and the population based on the results of the hypothesis test. # of items sold 63 88 102 34 57 70 125 12 15 44

Example-Single population proportion tested using two-tail

Cite an example of how you could/would apply a test of a hypothesis for a single population proportion, two tail test described in the lecture to real world situations? Make sure you state your hypothesis in both the null and alternate form as well as shoing the hypotheses in symbol form.

Forecast: Thiel's U Statistic, ME, MSE, RMSE, MAPE and Forecast Error

See attached Excel data file. For each forecast, set up columns and calculate: Error Squared error Absolute error Absolute % error The numerator of Thiel"s U statistic The denominator of Thiel"s U statistic Calculate ME, MSE, RMSE, MAPE, and U. Questions. 1/ The absolute percentage error for the data point 9/24/

Hypothesis Testing of Mean: Actual & Ideal Weights

13.28) In a study, results were presented for a sample of 63 men who were asked to report their actual weight and their ideal weight. The mean difference between actual and ideal weight was 2.48 pounds, and the standard deviation of the differences was 13.77 pounds. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that for the popul

Hypothesis Testing of Mean: Tire Pressure

13.17) An exercise posed the following research question: Many cars have a recommended tire pressure of 32 psi (pounds per square inch). At a roadside vehicle safety checkpoint, officials plan to randomly check select 50 cars for which this is the recommended tire pressure and measure the actual tire pressure in the front left

Find P-Value and Sketch Graph

13.6) Explain why the null hypothesis for a significance test is rejected when the p-value is small rather than when it is large. 13.12) Find the p-value and draw a sketch showing the p-value area for the following situation in which the value of t is the test statistic for the hypothesis given: a.) Ho?:µ=µ0, Ha: µ>µ0

Statistics M&M project to test proportion of red and brown candies

See attached files. Using the methods in Section 8.4, test the hypothesis (± = 0.05) that the population proportions of red and brown are equal (pred = pbrown). You are testing if their proportions are equal to one another, NOT if they are equal to one another AND equal to 13%. NOTE: These are NOT independent samples, but

Parametric and Non-Parametric Hypothesis Tests

Re-analyze the data in Table 8.18 using nonparametric methods. Assume the samples are unpaired. Table 8.18 Birthweights in a clinical trial to test a drug for preventing low-birthweight deliveries Baby weight (lb) Patient number Treatment Group Control Group 1 6.9 6.4 2 7.6 6.7 3

Test effect of cognitive psychotherapy on positive self-regard

17. A researcher studies the effect of cognitive psychotherapy on positive self-regard. The number of positive statements made about oneself is recorded for each participant during the first meeting. After 8 weekly therapy sessions, the measures are repeated for each person. For the following data. Participant before trea

chart and data analysis of student absences at local middle schools

You will be acting as a community health department investigator who has been hired to look into a mysterious pattern of student absences at some local middle schools in your area. Start here by reading a memo from your boss by clicking on the Memo icon below. This memo outlines the basics of the problem for you. Luckily, yo

At what sigma level is this process operating?

The Wall Street Journal reported on February 15, 2000, that about 750,000 airplane components are manufactured, machined, or assembled for Boeing Co. by workers from the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind. A Boeing spokeswoman noted that the parts have an "exceptionally low" rejection rate of 1 per 1,000. At what sigma level is th

Random Sample, Statistical Evidence

1. (a) A random sample of n = 12 E-glass fiber test specimens of a certain type yielded a sample mean interfacial shear yield stress of 34.8 and a sample standard deviation of 4.1. Assuming that interfacial shear yield is normally distributed, compute a 98% C.I. for the true average stress. (Ref: â?? On Interfacial Failure in N

5 Step Hypothesis Test

Assume that a simple random sample is selected from a normally distributed population. Use either the P-value method or the traditional method of testing hypotheses. Listed below are birth weights (in kilometers) of male babies born to mothers on a special vitamin supplement (based on data from the New York State Department

Test hypothesis that hearing is better after a large meal

A researcher theorized that people can hear better when they have just eaten a large meal. 6 individuals were randomly assigned to eat either a large meal or a small meal. After eating the meal, their hearing was tested. The hearing ability scores (high #s indicate greater ability) are given below. Using the.05 level, do the res

Important information about Normal Probability & Hypothesis Testing

Please use Excel and explain which test you use for problem 2 and 3 (t test, ANOVA, two tail or one tail...etc) 1. a. The score on the entrance exam at a well-known, exclusive law school are normally distributed with a mean score of 200 and a standard deviation equal to 50. At what value should the lowest passing score be s

Stats Problem

See attached file. Use the M&Ms data to complete this assignment. You will be using the methods of 7.4 for the color proportions and 7.2 for the mean number of candies per bag. For the Bonus you will be using the methods of 7.5. You can use StatCrunch to assist with the calculations. A link for StatCrunch can be found

Hypothesis Testing of Variance (F Test)

A manufacturing process drills holes in sheet metal that are supposed to be .5000 cm in diameter. Before and after a new drill press is installed, the hole diameter is carefully measured (in cm) for 12 randomly chosen parts. At ? = .05, do these independent random samples prove that the new process has smaller variance? Show the

Hypothesis Testing, Test statistic, Z or T test

1) The owner of a local night club has recently surveyed a random sample of n=250 customers of the club. She would now like to determine whether or not the mean age of her customers is over 30. If so, she plans to alter the entertainment to appeal to an older crowd. If not, no entertainment changes will be made. If so, she plan

Statistics 100 - 25 multiple choice

Also see attached file. 1) The owner of a fish market has an assistant who has determined that the weights of catfish are normally distributed, with mean of 3.2 pounds and standard deviation of 0.8 pound. If a sample of 16 fish is taken, what would the standard error of the mean weight equal? 0.003 0.05

Construct hypothesis, random variable, p-value, ANOVA

Statistics Chapter Review Questions For full credit, show all work and it must be clear; final answers must be clear as well. For questions that require a hypothesis test, clearly state H0 , H1,, your conclusion as a sentence, and the reasoning and computations behind your conclusion. Question 3: Eight samples of

Hypotheisis testing problems 37, 41, 43, 53, 55

37.) A study found that in 2005, 12.5% of U.S. workers belonged to unions. Suppose a sample of 400 U.S. workers is collected in 2006 to determine whether union efforts to organize have increased union membership. A.) Formulate the hypotheses that can be used to determine whether union membership increased in 2006 B.) If th

Hypothesis testing using P Value Format

Hypothesis Testing using only P value format. Do not copy and paste all the results from the hypothesis test, you are the expert, only include critical metrics from the test results. Most air traffic passenger use e-tickets. Electronic ticketing allows passengers not worry about paper tickets and it reduces the airlines co

Hypothesis Testing of a Random Sample Size of 64

See the attached file. It is desired to test H0: u=50 against H1: u<50 using alpha=0.1. The population in question is uniformly distributed with standard deviation 20. A random sample of size 64 will be drawn from the population. a) Find beta for each of the following values of the population mean: 49, 47, 45, 43 and 41 b)

5 Step Hypothesis Test

Here are heart rates for a sample of 30 students before and after a class break. At alpha =.05, was there a significant diffeence in the mean heart rate? (a) State the hypotheses. (b) State the decision rule and sketch it. (c) Find the test statistic (d) Make a decision. (e) Find the p-value

5 Step Hypothesis Test

A recent article in Vitality magazine reported that the mean amount of leisure time per week for American men is 40.0 hours. You believe this figure is too large and decide to conduct your own test. In a random sample of 60 men, you find that the mean is 37.8 hours of leisure per week and that the standard deviation of the sampl