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Hypothesis Testing

Test Random Sample of 100 Observers from a Binomial Population

Suppose a random sample of 100 observers from a binomial population gives a value of p* = .63 and you wish to test the null hypothesis that the population parameter p is equal to .70 against the alternative hypothesis that p is less than .70. a) Noting that p* = .63, what does your intuition tell you? Does the value of p* ap

PC Manufacturer: Hypothesis Test for Proportion vs. Hypothesized Value

A PC manufacturer claims that no more than 2% of their machines are defective. In a random sample of 100 machines, it is found that 5% are defective. The manufacturer claims this is a fluke of the sample. At a .01 level of significance, test the manufacture's claim, and explain your answer. MegaStat Output Hypothesis

Perform a regression hypothesis Statement for real estate data

Data set is attached. The ONLY PART that needs done is the "perform a regression hypothesis Statement regarding your research issue. Use the numerical data from one of the data sets available through the Data Sets link on your student website. Develop one research question and formulate a hypothesis which may be test

Claim of the True Proportion of Blue M&Ms Candies

See attached file. Use the M&Ms data to complete this assignment. You will be using the methods of 7.4 for the color proportions and 7.2 for the mean number of candies per bag. For the Bonus you will be using the methods of 7.5. Be sure to state clear hypotheses, test statistic values, critical value or p-value, decision

15 Multiple Choice Statistics questions: Hypothesis, sample means, criticial value

13) The owner of a bottling company is considering buying a new bottling machine. He has been testing two different machines that are being considered. After collecting 300 samples from each machine over several weeks, he was able to conduct a two sample z test.<p>He decided to utilize a 0.05 significant level for the test. The

Hypothesis Testing for Student Variables at Harrigan University

See the attached data file. Harrigan University is a liberal arts university in the Midwest that attempts to attract the highest quality students, especially from its region of the country. It has gathered data on 178 applicants who were accepted by Harrigan. The data are in the file named Harrigan which is posted on my webs

Stating the Hypothesis in Five Steps

Please prepare each answer in 5 steps. Exercises 9.54: Faced with rising fax costs, a firm issued a guideline that transmissions of 10 pages or more should be sent by 2-day mail instead. Exceptions are allowed, but they want the average to be 10 or below. The firm examined 35 randomly chosen fax transmissions during the next

Hypothesis Test

A soft drink filling machine, when in perfect adjustment, fills the bottles with 12 ounces of soft drink. A random sample of 25 bottles is selected, and the contents are measured. The sample yielded a mean content of 11.88 ounces, with a standard deviation of 0.24 ounces. Use a 0.05 level of significance and test to see if the

Statistics Hypothesis test fo Tammy Corporation mean weekly units of production

The manager of Tammy Corporation wants to determine whether or not the type of work schedule for her employees has any effect on their productivity. She has selected 15 production employees at random and then randomly assigned five employees to each of the three proposed work schedules. The following table shows the units of p

Statistics for Bastien Inc: Test average mpg for small automobiles manufactured

Bastien, Inc. has been manufacturing small automobiles that have averaged 50 miles per gallon of gasoline in highway driving. The company has developed a more efficient engine for its small cars and now advertises that its new small cars average more than 50 miles per gallon in highway driving. An independent testing service ro

Doctors and House Calls in Memphis and Atlanta

Among a sample of 50 M.D.s (medical doctors) in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, ten indicated they make house calls; while among a sample of 100 M.D.s in Atlanta, Georgia, 18 said they make house calls. Determine a 95% interval estimate for the difference between the proportion of doctors who make house calls in the two cities.

Statistics testing for mean acceleration

Significance Level: Hypothesis testing is the basis of inferential statistics. Statisticians are always coming up with new tests and testing new characteristics of population parameters. One of the simplest tests that currently exist is the one-sample test for means. A random sample is drawn. If the population variance is

Experimental bumper to reduce damage in low-speed collisions: Reduce downtime?

An experimental bumper was designed to reduce damage in low-speed collisions. This bumper was installed on an experimental group of vans in a large fleet, but not on a control group. At the end of a trial period, accident data showed 12 repair incidents for the experimental group and 9 repair incidents for the control group.

Compute 3 treatment solutions for SS

Treatments _____I______II______III n = 10 n = 10 n =10 M = 2 M = 3 M = 7 T = 20 T = 30 T =70 ______________________ A. How to compute SS for the set of 3 treatment means? B. Using result from A, how to compute n (SSmean)? C. Then, how to compute SS between with the computational formu

Hypothesis Samples: Example Questions

A hypothesis can be rejected at one significance level, but not rejected at another significant level for the same set of samples. The level of significance reflects how much error we can tolerate in the test conclusion. For example, when we buy a 4,000-square-feet house, do you think the measurement is really exact 4,000 square

Hypothesis testing: Accidents at intersections example

The local municipality claims that since the percentage of intersections that had an accident last year decreased from the prior year, the city is now safer. What are the hypotheses for this situation? Is the city really safer? Should be in the form of the null hypothesis (H0), and the alternative hypothesis (H1).

Find effect of a treatment using a two tailed test

Givens: A sample of n = 9 that receives the treatment, a population mean m = 40, a standard deviation s = 9, and an after treatment sample mean of M = 33. Is the data sufficient to conclude that the treatment has a significant effect using a two-tailed test with alpha = .05, and later, if the standard deviation is changed to

Real estate data: Five step hypothesis test for townships 1 and 5

See data file attached. I only need the 5 step hypothesis test section. If it helps, we are concentrating on townships 1 and 5. Learning Team Assignment: Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper - Use the numerical data from one of the data sets available through the Data Sets link on your student website.

Conducting a hypothesis test

A random sample of 300 beer drinkers is selected and each member of the sample is asked to choose between two brands of beers: Brand A and Brand B. The results are that 165 prefer Brand A and 135 prefer Brand B. Conduct a hypothesis test. What is the p-value, and how much evidence is there to conclude that more than 50% of

Hypothesis Testing for Manufacturer of Athletic Footwear

A manufacturer of athletic footwear claims that the mean useful lifetime of his product will exceed 50 hours. A random sample of 36 pairs of shoes leads to the following sample results, in terms of useful life: x = 52.3 hours and s = 9.6 hours. Conduct a hypothesis test. What is the p-value, and how much evidence is there to

Hypothesis Testing for Vendall which leases soft drink vending machines

Vendall leases soft drink vending machines that are designed to dispense 10 ounces of soft drink. Customers complain when machines dispense too much soft drink, causing spillage, and customers also complain when machines dispense too little soft drink. A particular machine is being tested by a random sample of 144 soft drinks.

Hypothesis Testing: Passenger Safety

Since 9/11/2001, there has been increased concern for passenger safety. This has led to calls for new and more intrusive passenger screening equipment. While concerns for passengers' privacy are an important part of the debate, there are also concerns for the length of time required to move passengers through the proposed new sc

American Flag Bank: Using z Tests about a Population Proportion

The Senior Management of a large multi-state bank, American Flag Bank, has proposed to its Board of Directors introducing a host of new fees/charges, including substantial interest rate increases on preexisting loans. Concerned about a backlash from customers, not to mention regulators and Congress, the Board has directed manag

Hypothesis testing: Kannon camera

Good news! Kannon Camera has just announced a new digital camera that it claims can take an average of more than 12 photographs per second. The company's announcement states that there is 'extremely strong evidence' the new camera can deliver what it promises. In a footnote they indicate that this conclusion is based on a

Auntie Pam's Jelly: Using z Tests about a Population Mean Sigma Known 2-tail

Auntie Pam's Home Made Wild Grape Jelly has been a great hit through online sales. She has recently expanded her small factory and acquired a new filler machine to accommodate the increased demand, especially for the 12 ounce jar, which is the most popular. Her son (and summer partner) Will has raised concerns that the new mac