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Hypothesis Testing

Test manager's claim at 5% and 1% significance level tests

Please solve the exercise below in Excel and show your work and formulas used. The average waiting time per customer at a fast food restaurant has been 7.5 minutes. The customer waiting time has a normal distribution. The manager claims that the use of a new cashier system will decrease the average customer waiting time in th

Compare average salaries for University A and B graduates

Survey results showed that of the 30 graduates from University A they had an average salary of $80,000 with a variance of $40,000. A similar survey of 40 graduates of University B showed they had an average salary of $80,000 with a variance of $2,000. If admitted to both universities where should you attend?

Statistical Modeling and Analysis: State the Hypotheses

See attached files. Statistical analysis and presentation of results from a complex data set about ladybirds. You are given a complex data set on the variation of ladybirds This data can be used to examine a range of possible hypotheses. Your task is to state produce a succinct report on this data. Your report

Statistics: Various Aspects of Hypothesis Tests

Do academy awards involve age discrimination? I. Test the hypothesis that the proportion of Actors over 40 years old who receive the award is different from the proportion of Actresses over 40 years old who receive the award. Show all steps of the hypothesis test. II. Test the hypothesis that the mean age of all males is e

Research Design Statistical Procedures

Research Design. Assume that you are going to conduct an experimental study related to your research question. What statistical procedures would you need to use to accept or deny your hypotheses? Support your answer with references to statistical manuals. You will need to convince the professor that your choices are the best

Hypothesis testing for data of salaries of technology professionals

See attached file using SPSS software to open the .sav file to view data. The data in the table, obtained from Business Week's (June 22, 2006) technology section, represents typical salaries of technology professionals in 13 metropolitan areas for 2003 and 2005. Suppose you want to determine if the mean salary of technology

Hypothesis testing for new paint color mixing machine.

See attached file using SPSS software to open the .sav file to view data. A home improvement store recently purchased a new paint color-mixing machine. The machine is rated to produce 5 gallons of mixed paint every minute. The store's manager suspects that the machine is underperforming. In order to test his hypothesis,

Hypothesis testing for Kohl's average store sales in the east vs the west coast

The data is attached in eastwest.sav (need to have SPSS to open file) The CEO of Kohl's is interested in understanding whether the average store sales for the stores in the east coast are significantly different from those in the west coast. The CEO suspects that since the company has been advertising more in the east coast,

Statistics: Conduct a test to determine if the mean heat rate of gas turbines

See attached file using SPSS software to open the .sav file to view data. During period of high electricity demand, especially during the hot summer months, the power output from a gas turbine engine can drop dramatically. One way to counter this drop in power is by cooling the inlet air to the gas turbine. An increasingly

Statistics Problems

See attached file for proper format. 1. Write the claim mathematically and identify H0 and Ha. (b) find the critical value(s) and identify the rejection region. (c) Find the standardized test statistic. (d) determine whether to reject the null hypothesis. In a sample of 1741 home buyers, you find that 804 home buyers found th

Testing Means in a Two-Group Design

T test for independent groups and dependent groups (Two-group designs) 1. An LU professor is interested in whether there is a difference between undergraduate students and graduate students in the amount of time spent praying each day. The professor gathers information from random samples of undergraduate and graduate student

Standard Deviation and Mean Calculation Spread Sheet

A hospital human resources manager finds that the local average starting salary for nurses is $24,000. She randomly samples 10 nurse's salaries at the hospital and calculates a mean of $23,450 and a standard deviation of $400. RQ: Is the average starting salary for nurses in her hospital at $24,000 with a 95% confidence leve

Hypothesis Testing: Population mean and proportion

Please assist with answering the following questions attached dealing with Hypothesis Testing. Hypothesis Testing Setting Up Hypothesis 1. For the following problem statement, identify the null hypothesis H0 and the alternative hypothesis H1. Suppose that a mayor claims that the mean salary for the working profession

Elections example: Hypothesis test for a population proportion

A candidate must gather at least 8,000 valid signatures on a petition before the deadline in order to run in an election. One candidate turns in 10,000 signatures right before the deadline, but its always expected that some percentage of them are invalid. Election officials take a random sample of 100 signatures and thoroughly

Company's Average Absentee Rate and P-Value Interpretation

1. Over the last year the absentee rate at a large corporation averaged 8.2 days absent with a standard deviation of 6 days. One department with 40 employees had an absentee rate of 12 days per employee. During an investigation the department head argued as follows: 'If you took 40 employees at random from the corporation, th

Hypothesis Testing using a Z-Test for Film

A researcher predicts that watching a film on institutionalization will change students' attitudes about chronically mentally ill patients. The researcher randomly selects 36 students, shows them the film, and gives them a questionnaire about their attitudes. The mean score on the questionnaire for these 36 students is 70. The s

Hypothesis for clinical psychologist treating eating disorder

How a clinical psychologist can explain why the null hypothesis stating that there were no statistically significant differences (? â?¥ 0.05) between the benefits of behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis when treating an eating disorder were found. Be specific in explanation of both hypothesis/null hypothesis and why?

Find effect of a treatment using a two tailed test

Find effect of a treatment using a two tailed test Givens: A sample of n = 9 that receives the treatment, a population mean m = 40, a standard deviation s = 9, and an after treatment sample mean of M = 33. Is the data sufficient to conclude that the treatment has a significant effect using a two-tailed test with alpha = .

Statistics: Chapters 8, 9, 10 - 3 problems for each chapter

See attached file. Questions 6,16,18 for Chp 8 4, 10, 14 for Chp 9 4, 6, 8 for Chp 10 Chapter 8 #6 A researcher is investigating the effectiveness of a new study-skills training program for elementary school children. A sample of n = 25 third grade children is selected to particip

Interpretation of t-test results for paired samples

Results are contained in the attached document. The null hypothesis states that there is no relationship between income and uninsured. Based on the following results, please provide a statement regarding whether you fail to reject the hypotheses based on the chosen statistical procedure.

Hypothesis testing: Revolutionary hypothesis by Professor Brainstorm

Suppose a revolutionary hypothesis has been proposed by the famous Professor Brainstorm, and yet the truth were known, it really wouldn't fit facts. In the formal language of hypothesis testing, it is the null hypothesis that is true, not Brainstorm's hypothesis. (The professor interpreted his results at the 5 percent level).

Hypothesis for a new company program to teach reading to elementary students

1. Suppose that you work for a company that has just created a program designed to teach reading to elementary students. Discuss how an experiment could be created to see whether this product is superior to other reading programs. Develop a hypothesis, label the independent and dependent variables, discuss what the experimental

Test hypothesis that company claims they are meeting the standard

See attached data file. The excel file sales data provides data on a sample of customers. An industry trade publication states that the average profit per customer for this industry was $4500. Using a test of this hypothesis, can this company claim that they are meeting the standard? Can this company claim that they are e

Likelihood Ratio Test of Two Beta Densities

Suppose that X1, X2, ..., Xn are iid with a beta (nu,1) distribution and Y1, Y2, ..., Ym are iid beta (theta, 1) distribution. Assume Xs and Ys are independent. 1) FInd a likelihood ratio test of Ho: theta = nu vs. Ha: theta different from nu 2) Show that the test in part A can be based on the statistic T = (sum of log(Xi

Hypothesis Testing of Proortions: Lovastatin

Does lovastatin (a cholesterol-lowering drug) reduce the risk of heart attack? In a Texas study, researchers gave lovastatin to 2,325 people and an inactive substitute to 2,081 people (average age 58). After 5 years, 57 of the lovastatin group had suffered a heart attack, compared with 97 for the inactive pill. (a) State the

Use SPSS to analyze class anxiety at midterm and again at the end of the course

A professor wants to determine if his class' anxiety decreases over the course of the semester. He uses a test to measure a random sample of all students enrolled at midterm and again at the end of the course. He realizes by looking at the scale that good interval leval data is not reflected. Does the data reflect a signi