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Hypothesis Testing

5 Step Hypothesis Test

Here are heart rates for a sample of 30 students before and after a class break. At alpha =.05, was there a significant diffeence in the mean heart rate? (a) State the hypotheses. (b) State the decision rule and sketch it. (c) Find the test statistic (d) Make a decision. (e) Find the p-value

5 Step Hypothesis Test

A recent article in Vitality magazine reported that the mean amount of leisure time per week for American men is 40.0 hours. You believe this figure is too large and decide to conduct your own test. In a random sample of 60 men, you find that the mean is 37.8 hours of leisure per week and that the standard deviation of the sampl

5 Step Hypothesis Test for Bellevue Steel

The production manager at Bellevue Steel, a manufacturer of wheelchairs, wants to perform a second analysis of the number of defective wheelchairs produced on the day shift and afternoon shift. A sample of the production from 6 day shifts and 8 afternoon shifts revealed the following number of defects. At the 0.05 significanc

Hypothesis Testing of Mean: BMI

Identify the null and alternative hypothesis, test statistic, P-value,critical values and state the final conclusion that addreses the original claim: The trend of thinner Miss America winners has generated charges that the contest encourages unhealthy diet habits among young women. Listed below are body mass indexes (BM) fo

Hypothesis test for mean spending habits of $375

Families of size 4 spent a population mean of $360 on a visit to an amusement park, standard deviation of $50 in October 2000. Operators want to know whether families will spend more in 2001. In an April exit poll, 64 randomly selected families of size 4 were interviewed with the average amount spent by families in the sample

Statistics Problems

2. For each of the following, indicate whether the factor influences the numerator or denominator of the z score and determine whether the effect would be to increase the value of z (further from zero) or decrease the value of z (closer to zero). In each case, assume that all other components of the z score remain constant. a

Hypothesis Testing of Mean & Proportions

For the following four problems: 1. State the Null Hypothesis and the Alternative Hypothesis 2. Determine the test statistic. 3. Determine the P-value 4. Make a decision regarding the hypotheses based on the P-value and the Level of Significance. 1. In a recent year, some professional baseball players complained that u

5 Step Hypothesis Test

The following data represents the running time of films produced by 2 motion picture companies. Assume these are independent samples Company Time (in minutes) Company 1 102 86 98 109 92 Company 2 81 165 97 134 92 87 114 Test the null hypothesis that the average running time of th

Business Statistics with 95% confidence intervals

1. Determine the minimum required sample size if you want to be 95% confident that the sample mean is within 3 units of the population mean given sigma = 7.8. Assume the population is normally distributed. 2. A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime of its fluorescent bulbs is 1050 hours. A homeowner selects 40 bulbs and

Hypothesis Testing in the article, Sekaran Research Process

See attached file. I have copied and pasted article because its too big for me to attach it.,639e8558&icp

Clinical Project: Analyze the test data for the assays given

See data file attached. CD4 % LYMPHOCYTES WBC (X1000/ul) HB (g/dl) PLATELETS (x1000/ul) MCV (f/l) A B C D E 1. Analyze the test data (for the assays given above A, B, C, C, D, E) at the 1, 5, 9 month time points. 2. Determine if the results for each assay at the respective

Statistical Testing, Significance Levels for Clinical test data

Please read the attachment carefully before attempting the problem. Minitab is the preferred program for analysis. Excel is not acceptable. CD4 % LYMPHOCYTES WBC (X1000/ul) HB (g/dl) PLATELETS (x1000/ul) MCV (f/l) A B C D E 1. Analyze the test data (for the assays given above

Hypothesis Testing for Ford Motor Taurus; Random sample of 300 beer drinkers

Ford Motor Company wishes to estimate the mean dollar amount of damage done to a new model Taurus as a result of a 10 mph crash into the rear bumper of a parked car. 36 Tauruses are test crashed into parked cars and the dollar amount of damage done to each is recorded. The results are: a. Does the sample data provide evid

Feedback about the "third variable problem"

1. Describe the "third variable problem" as it relates to correlation and provide an example of how you might see this played out in your own field. 2. How does hypothesis testing contribute to the scientific knowledge base? Now that you have a general understanding of hypothesis testing, provide an example of how you might

Statisitcs: Managerial Economics

6. From the following table giving the quantity demanded of a commodity (Y), its price (X1), and the consumers income (X2) from 1986 to 2005, a) estimate the regression equation of Y on X1 and X2, b) test at the 5 % level for the statistical significance of the slope parameters, c) find the unadjusted and the adjusted coefficien

Stats Excel

1 "Faced with rising fax costs, a firm issued a guideline that transmissions of 10 pages or more should be sent by 2-day mail instead. Exceptions are allowed, but they want the average to be 10 or below. The firm examined 35 randomly chosen fax transmissions during the next year, yielding a sample mean of 14.44 with a standar

Hypothesis Test - Paired Samples

In a two-population test, when will you use paired samples? Provide an example and state the Null and the Alternative hypothesis for the examples in symbolic form.

Data Analysis of US Bureau of Labor Statistics

See attached files. I. I chose a published database containing government data; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The chosen file must have several variables in order to conduct the required analysis stated below. Bureau of Labor Statistics (See attachment) Table 1. Mass layoff events and initial claimants for unemploymen

Sekaran Process: Generate data, test hypothesis

Using the information from attached files prepare to test the hypothesis (Step 8 of the Sekaran process) using simulated data: Search and identify the surveys, assessment tools or instruments you would consider to gather data on the variables that are contained within the same hypothesis you have been using for your IP1 and I


Chapter 9, Section 2 Problem 12 Interpreting Displays - Conduct the hypothesis test by using the results from the given displays. Bednets to Reduce Malaria - In a randomized controlled trial in Kenya, insecticide-treated bednets were tested as a way to reduce malaira. Among 343 infants using bednets, 15 developed malaria

Statistics Problem

See data file attached. Metropolitan Research, Inc., a consumer research organization, conducts surveys designed to evaluate a wide variety of products and services available to consumers. In one particular study, Metropolitan looked at consumer satisfaction with the performance of automobiles produced by a major Detroit manu

Article Review: Movies and the Mystery of the Missing Trade

Prepare an analysis of your selected article. Start by identifying and summarizing the hypothesis described in the article. Then explain whether the hypothesis was rejected or accepted, and what the implications of this finding are for the study. Be sure to properly cite your article.

Statistics: What is null hypothesis; tests, p value, conclusion

Independent simple random samples from two groups of patients used in an clinical trial yielded the following measurements on glucose levels following a new drug treatment: Group A: 54, 99, 105, 46, 70, 87, 55, 58, 139, 91, 102, 110 Group B: 93, 91, 93, 150, 80, 104, 128, 83, 88, 95,94, 97 Do these data provide sufficien

Statistics Ch 8-2, problems 22, 28, 46; Ch 8-3, P6, 18, 28; Ch 8-4, P12, 20

Chapter 8, Section 2 Problem 22 Finding critical values - Assume that the normal distribution applies and find the critical z values. x = 0.01; H1 is p > 0.5 Problem 28 Finding Test Statistics - Find the value of the test statistic z using Seat Belts - The claim is that more than 75% of adults always wear