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Hypothesis Testing

Null Hypothesis and Alt Hypothesis

At a college, two professors, Saber and Tooth, are each teaching large sections of introductory statistics with 500 students in each section. They decide to compare the results from their first exam. It would be too cumbersome to compare all 1000 students, so the decide to select a random sample of 50 students from each section.


1. Sandy's Pizza has generally assumed that the mean age of its customers was 30 years of age or younger. A random sample of 50 customers revealed the following: X-bar=30.76 years and s=3.6 years Does the sample data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean age of Sandy's customers is greater than 30 years

Statistics on an insurance survey

Assume that an insurance survey is based on 1000 randomly selected United Kingdom housholds and that 640 of these housholeds spent money to buy life insurance in 1993. a) If p denotes the proportion of all U.K housholds that spent money to buy life insurance in 1993, set up the null and alternative hypotheses needed to attem

3 Null and alternative hypotheses questions

In hypothesis testing, the null hypothesis is tested and a decision is made as to whether to reject or not reject the null hypothesis. Then the conclusion must be stated in terms of the problem being studied. Determining the null and alternate hypotheses sometimes presents problems for students. This discussion activity will giv

Hypothesis Testing of Mean Recent Reports

a recent news report indicates that the mean (Ã?µ) number of years that first-time drug offenders are sentenced is 10.65. The sample of 31 court records from your county indicated a mean number of years = 12.22 with a standard deviation of 3.26. Assume you are working at the .05 level of significance A)State the appropriate n

State an appropriate null hypothesis

See attached files. A researcher would like to determine whether humidity can have an effect on eating behavior. It is known that under regular circumstances, laboratory rats eat an average of µ = 10 grams of food each day. The researcher selects a random sample of n=15 rats and places them in a controlled atmosphere room

Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals

Your manager has speculated the following: a. the average (mean) annual income was less than $50,000, b. the true population proportion of customers who live in an urban area exceeds 40%, c. the average (mean) number of years lived in the current home is less than 13 years, d. the average (mean) credit balance for suburban c

Hypothesis Testing II: One Sample Hypothesis Tests

See the attached file. 1. Recall that "very satisfied" customers give the XYZ-Box video game system a rating that is at least 42. Suppose that the manufacturer of the XYZ-Box wishes to use the random sample of 65 satisfaction ratings to provide evidence supporting the claim that the mean composite satisfaction rating for the XY

Five Step Hypothesis Test

Perform a 5 step hypothesis test on the given data for the following null and alternative hypothesis: Null Hypothesis - TB is greater in the U.S. than foreign countries between 1993-2009 Alternative Hypothesis - TB is less in the U.S. than in foreign countries between 1993-2009. See the attached files.

Steps to Complete Analysis in SPSS

Please provide a detailed description of the steps to complete the analysis in SPSS and what buttons to select. Please check the work that has already been done for 2010 and note any changes or improvements you find necessary to improve the model.

Hypothesis Test

1. We ask if the attitudes toward fuel cost of 100 owners are hybrid electric cars (X=76) are different from those on a national survey of owners of non-hybrid cars (µ=65, s=24). Higher scores indicate a more positive attitude. A) Is this a one or two tailed test? B) In words what is the H0 and Ha? C) Perform the z-test.

Standard Test Motor Coordination

1. In a population of typical college students, µ=75 on a statistics final exam (σx=6.4). For 25 students who studied statistics using a new technique, X=72.1. Using two tails of the sampling distribution and the .05 criterion: A.) what is the critical value? B.) Is this sample in the region of rejection? How do you know? C.)

Hypothesis Testing of Mean Private School

We ask whether a private school leads to higher or lower performance on a test of social skills. A sample of 100 students from a private school produces a mean of 71.30 on the test, and the national mean for students from public schools is 75.62 (? x= 28.0). a) Should we use a one-tailed or a two-tailed test? Why? b) What are

Pearson r for given data

The admissions officer of TopNotch University wants to know the relationship between the high school GPAs and college GPAs for the 15 merit scholars in this yearâ??s freshman class. Here are the data: Student High School GPA College GPA 1 3.6

Independent and Dependent Variables Problems

A large furniture store stations salespeople near its entrance to greet customers and offer assistance in shopping. The salespeople, who work on a commission basis, tell the customers their name and hand them a business card. A psychologist thinks that the salespersons' intrusiveness might cause customers to buy less furniture r

What statistical test should be used to analyze the data for LU professor

1. An LU professor is interested in whether there is a difference between undergraduate students and graduate students in the amount of time spent praying each day. The professor gathers information from random samples of undergraduate and graduate students on the LU campus. The amount of time praying is normally distributed an


Using AIUââ?¬â?¢s survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following requirements in the form of a report: TEST #1 Perform the following two-tailed hypothesis test, using a .05 significance level: ââ?¬¢ Intrinsic by Gender ââ?¬¢ State the null and an alternate statement for the test ââ?¬¢ Use

Statistics: Hypothsis Testing Problems

See attachment. Please provide assistance in understanding how to work statistics problems. I need step by step details of how work was done in words of interpretation and in EXCEL so that I can understand these types of problems in future problems. When using Excel please indicated formulas used, thank you. I have

Statistics: Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing

** Please see the attached file ** I need assistance in understanding how to work statistics problems. I need help to specify the Null and Alternative Hypothesis (at least 350 words) based on the Population 1 and 2 in Excel spreadsheet that I have attached. I need step by step details (Null and Alternative Hypothesis

Culture and Consumption Motivation Part II

Do cultural dimensions correlate with purchase decisions? In this report, you will set out to address this question. Using the SPSS spreadsheet you submitted last week, you will create an empirical journal article, much like the one you critiqued as your Unit 3 Individual Project. THE REPORT: 1.Provide a general research

Average Peak Heights for the Mean Times

1. A severe storm has an average peak wave height of 16.4 feet for waves hitting the shore. Suppose that a storm is in progress with a severe storm class rating. Let us say that we want to set up a statistical test to see if the wave action (i.e., height) is dying down or getting worse. If you wanted to test the hypothesis t

Hypothesis testing for job satisfaction: Gender and Position type

Use the attached files. TEST #1 Perform the following two-tailed hypothesis test, using a .05 significance level: Intrinsic by Gender State the null and an alternate statement for the test Use Microsoft Excel (Data Analysis Tools) to process your data and run the appropriate test. Copy and paste the results of the o

Statistic Hypothesis Test Question

1. Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data, using the research question below. Research Question: For many home buyers and banks the correlation between homes selling price and square footage may or may not play a major factor in the overall potential of the home, but we can nonetheless examine the relationship

Research Process

Please help me with the following research paper, I am so lost......... Using the attached information, I need help describing a research issue or problem. Include a definition of your selection using quantifiable measures. Include the following steps of the business research process that must follow for addressing

Statistics Questions

1- How do dependent and independent samples differ? Give two examples of dependent samples as they may occur in a business or industry that is familiar to you. Some people use the term paired samples instead of dependent samples. 2 - What is the importance of using STOH in solving problems related to business and operation

Hypothesis Testing: Null and Alternative Hypotheses

What is hypothesis testing in the field of statistics, and why is it an important tool? What would be an example of the null and alternative hypotheses in the research data below? - Sample size: 1,100 - Likely potential target market: 4 million - Satisfaction scores ranged from 1(very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) -

Practice Questions with Statistics

5. A political polling company wants to know if there are differences among people of different political parties with respect to their views on a bill recently proposed in Congress. The company conducted a survey of 300 people and got the following results. Do the results support the hypothesis that there are differences amon

Null Hypothesis and Implications Per Week Sales

Carpetland salespersons average $8000 per week in sales. Steve Contois, the firmâ??s vice president, proposes a compensation plan with new selling incentives. Steve hopes that the results of a trial selling period will enable him to conclude that the compensation plan increases the average sales per salesperson. a) Wh