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    Applied Statistics for Health Care

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    Can anyone give me 2 or more examples of a comparison between the old times and the present day? For example: Why do people care about their weight in the present day than in the olden days? Can you formulate a hypothesis similar to this statement that can be tested, and how would it be tested?

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    Comparisons between the old times and the present day:

    1.) Is the quality of health care received today better than it was fifty years ago?

    Hypothesis: The quality of health care today is significantly higher than it was fifty years ago.

    To test this: Analyze data on the quality of health care using recent records and compare this with records from fifty years ago. You could access these records through medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. You would need to define what the quality of health care entails. You may include things such as treatments given, average length of hospital stay, recurrences of sicknesses, average amount of time to regain health, or any other categories you may want to include to indicate health care quality. Data for each of these categories would have to be gathered both from recent records and from records fifty ...

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    Applied statistics for health care are examined.