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The following data compares the statistics scores from 2 groups of students who were randomly sampled at the beginning of the study, and then randomly assigned to treatment conditions. One group of students was sleep-deprived and one group of students got a normal night's sleep.
Sleep Normal
Deprived Sleep
45 79
55 52
67 84
78 94
45 91
77 89
76 79
67 67
77 77
44 91
X 63.1 80.3
s2 210.11 166.46

11. What type of design was used for this problem?

12. How many subjects participated in this study?

13. Should the researcher test whether the assumption of homogeneity has been met? Why or why not? No testing is needed for this question.

14. Perform an appropriate analysis by hand to determine whether the sleep deprivation significantly reduces statistics scores (include all steps). Use ? = .05.

15. Write a sentence in APA style regarding the results of this study.

16. At the 80% confidence level, by how many points do people who got a normal nightâ??s sleep outperform those who are sleep-deprived? Show all necessary work to reach a conclusion.

17. Interpret your confidence interval, that is, report the results of your estimation in a sentence. However, do not use the confidence interval to interpret the hypothesis test, rather, interpret the interval itself.

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11. In this case, we have a group of students, and we randomly assigned them two 2 groups:
1 group got a normal night sleep
1 group were woken up and were sleep deprived

Then both groups were asked to perform on a task, and the results were compared.
So in this case, we are looking at a t-test for 2 independent samples.

12. We need to add up all of the all of the vales, and that is the number of participant - so 20 in total, 10 in each group

13. No - the assumption of homogeneity is done when you are looking at an ANOVA - which would be 3 different independent samples. We only have 2 samples here.

14. There are 5 steps in the hypothesis test process

Step 1 - state the hypothesis

Here, we are looking at a 1 tailed test, since we ...

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