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Applied Statistics for Health care

It was a good start addressing the introduction to hypothesis testing process. However, it is missing an important part which is the approach of measuring the difference in behaviors between the 2 generations,

What is your approach? Also, what about the other components of hypothesis testing such as confidence level?

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Ah yes, the actual method that you could use in this case would be ANOVA. ANOVA performs an analysis of variance on data between populations. The analysis provides a test of the hypothesis that each sample is drawn from the same underlying probability distribution against the alternative hypothesis that underlying probability distributions are not the same for all samples. So, for instance, when analyzing behavior between two generations, your null hypothesis would be that the behaviors between generations are not significantly different from one another, while your alternative hypothesis would be that they are significantly different from one another. When measuring your data using ANOVA, the ...

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Applied statistics for health care are examined.