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Hypothesis Testing of Mean

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The post anaesthesia care area (recovery room) at St. Luke's Hospital in Pflugerville, Ontario, was recently enlarged. The hope was that with the enlargement the mean number of patients per day would be more than 25. A random sample of 15 days from an approximately normal population revealed the following numbers of patients:

25 27 25 26 25 28 28 27 24 26 25 29 25 27 24

a) What is the null hypothesis?
b) What is the alternative hypothesis?
c) What test will you use to test the alternative hypothesis?
d) Find the p-value and interpret its meaning.
e) At the ? = 0.05 significance level, can we conclude that the mean number of patients per day is more than 25? From Statdisk 95% C/I 25.273 < mean< 26.916
f) Is this a right-tail test, left-tail test, or two-tail test?

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