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Hypothesis testing in SPSS

Callaway Golf is one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers in the United States. The company's R&D department has created three new golf ball designs (GB1, GB2 and GB3) that result in reduced air drag and thereby increase driving distance. The company currently has three distinct brands of driver clubs: FX1, FX2 and FX3. Callaway must decide which golf ball design and driver brand pair to promote in a joint promotional campaign. Callaway executives think that whichever pair (golf ball design + Driver brand) leads to the greatest driving distance would be the better choice. Callaway randomly and independently assigns 4 professional golfers to each of the 9 golf ball design â?" driver brand combinations. The driving distance of each golfer is then recorded and stored in the file balldesign.sav. Does the mean driving distance differ for the three golf ball designs? Does the mean driving distance differ for the three driver brands? Does the driver brand affect the mean driving distance of the golf ball deign?


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