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Hypothesis Testing

The solution to Hypothesis Testing of Mean & Proportion

1. A certain brand of Green Energy light bulbs was advertised as having an average illumination life-span of 2,500 hours. A random sample of 50 bulbs burned out with a mean life-span of 2,470 hours and a sample standard deviation of 140 hours. With a 0.05 level of significance, is the sample mean less than the advertised mean

Statistics Research and Evaluations: American Insurance Institute, Univ of Toledo

See attached file for table to problem 1. 1. The president of the American Insurance Institute wants to compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies. He selects a sample of 15 families, some with only a single insured driver, others with several teenage drivers, and pays each family a stipend

Investigated race and equality of access to clinical trials

Researchers investigated the issue of race and equality of access to clinical trials. The table below shows the population distribution and the numbers of participants in clinical trials involving lung cancer (Based on data from "Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials," by Murthy, Krumholz, and Gross, Journal of the American Me

Pearson r calculation for height and shoe size

One day, you notice your 6' 2" roommate's size 12 shoes and comment, "I think height and foot size are correlated". You're somewhat surprised (and irked) by his response, "I think short people have big mouths." You decide to test your hypothesis; you find five people and record their heights (in inches) and shoe sizes. Calculate

Testing of Hypothesis and Production Levels

Flash Jolt, a manufacturer of camera equipment, annually introduces new models in the fall of the year. At the conclusion of the Christmas season, retail dealers are contacted regarding their stock on hand of each piece of equipment. It has been discovered that unless 47% of the new equipment ordered by the retailers in the fall

Hypothesis testing problem for mean

The experimental group has mean of 38, control group has mean of 35. The standard deviations are 3 and 5, respectively. At the 5% level, what is the conclusion? The 20 in the experimental group had extra class time, the 30 in the control group did not.

Weight Reducers International: Determine the p-value

A new weight-watching company, Weight Reducers International, advertises that those who join will lose, on average, 10 pounds the first two weeks with a standard deviation of 2.8 pounds. A random sample of 50 people who joined the new Weight reduction program revealed the mean loss to be 9 pounds. At the .05 level of significanc

Statistics: Compare effectiveness of splinting versus surgery for carpal tunnel

A randomized trial was designed to compare the effectiveness of splinting versus surgery in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Results, given in the below table, are based on evaluations made one year after treatment. Using a 0.05 level of significance (? = 0.05), test the claim that success is independent of the type o

Report on research of increased shipping damage costs

The company has been experiencing increased shipping damage costs. Your team has been instructed to conduct a two-sample test to determine if shipping damages are equal for packages equal to or below 15 pounds (Package A) vs. packages greater than 15 pounds (Package B). The CEO must report to the Board of Directors if the ta

Whole Foods Market Website

Please view MSWord attachment, which is an example of how this task should be. 1. What kind of business (industry / area of commerce) is the company involved in? 2. What kind of statistics information did you find? List them if there's more than one kind. Descr

Null, Alternative Hypotheses & Critical region

The production line that packages boxes of raisins at a snack food manufacturer will be conisdered operating properly if the average weight of the boxes of raisin is 3.5 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.3 ounces. A random sample of 20 boxes showed an average weight of 3.30 ounces. Answer questions 4 and 5 based upon this i

Nondirectional Test

For independent samples of customers of Internet providers A and B, the ages are as listed in file XR11073. Using the 0.05 level of significance in a nondirec- tional test, examine whether the variation in ages could be the same for customers of the two providers. Prov

Hypothesis Testing: Comparison of Standard Deviations

11.70. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the average life expectancies of a dishwasher and a garbage disposal are about the same: 10 years. Assume that their finding was based on a sample of n1 = 60 dishwashers and n2 = 40 garbage disposals, and that the corresponding sample standard deviations were s1 = 30

Interpret the P-Value using a One-Tail Test for SAT Scores

A study has been conducted to examine the effectiveness of new experimental program for preparing high school students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Eighty students have been randomly divided into two groups of 40. The eventual SAT scores for those exposed to the new program and the conventional program are listed in data fi

Statistics: AIU Job Satisfaction Studies. Perform a two-tailed hypothesis test

Using AIU's survey responses from the AIU data set,complete the following requirements in the form of a report: 1. Perform a two-tailed hypothesis test on both the intrinsic and the extrinsic variable's data, using a .05 significance level. 2. Begin by creating a null and an alternate statement. 3. Use Microsoft Excel

Questions about Hypothesis Testing of Mean & Proportion

Please provide explanations in detailed and attach all work on a words doc for explanations. Do all work on excel. 1. You are the manager of a restaurant that delivers pizza to college dormitory rooms. You have just changed your delivery in an effort to reduce the mean time between the order and completion of delivery from t

Mathematica and Space Pirates Question

Being space pirates, you naturally have stolen the newly developed and very revolutionary 1.21 GW flux capacitor, designed by scientists on the planet Docbrown. Taking off in your spaceship, you realize that your crime did not go undetected, and the fuzz are after you. Please see the attached pdf document for complete questi

Using Statistical Techniques to teach computers to workers on an assembly line

A group of workers on a manufacturing assembly line type information into a computer. They take a training class on how to use a computer, especially as related to data entry. You want to understand if the computer training was effective. How would you go about this, using statistical techniques? Explain fully. NOTE: Please u

Hypothesis Testing of Mean Standard Deviation

See attached file - Hypothesis Test for Population Mean Hypothesis Test for Population Mean, σ Known Carry out a hypothesis test for the population mean when the population standard deviation is known. Z-Test: Mean hours Mean Standard Deviation

Hypothesis Testing of Mean: Number of Patients per Day

The post anesthesia care area (recovery room) at St. Luke's Hospital in Maumee, Ohio was recently enlarged. The hope was that with the enlargement the mean number of patients per day would be more than 25. A random sample of 15 days revealed the following numbers of patients. 25 27 25 26 25 28 28 27 24 26

Conducting a One Tail or Two Tail Hypothesis Test

You own a Pepsi bottling plant, and you are concerned about filling the bottles to the correct level. Should you conduct a one-tailed or two-tailed hypothesis test? Explain. NOTE: Please use an Excel spreadsheet for response. Please do not just provide the answers but show in complete detail how you arrived at the answer, ste

10.74 IRS audits: P-Value - 0.10 Level of Significance

It has been reported that 80% of taxpayers who are audited by the Internal Reve- nue Service end up paying more money in taxes. Assume that auditors are random- ly assigned to cases, and that one of the ways the IRS oversees its auditors is to monitor the percentage of cases that result in the taxpa

10.57 Insurance Information Institute: P-Value - Automobile Insurance

SEE ATTACHED FILE - p-Value - Automobile Insurance (10.57) According to the Insurance Information Institute, the mean annual expenditure for automobile insurance for U. S. motorists is $706. Suppose that a government official in North Carolina has surveyed a saimple random sample of 80 residents of

Hypothesis Testing of Mean: Daily coffee consumption

The International Coffee Association has reported the mean daily coffee consumption for U.S. residents as 1.65 cups. Assume that a sample of 38 people from a North Carolina city consumed a mean of 1.84 cups of coffee per day, with a standard deviation of 0.85 cups. In a two-tail test at the 0.05 level, could the residents of thi

Remodeling Magazine: P-Value Population, Standard Deviation

SEE ATTACHED FILE - p-Value Population Standard Deviation (10.33) According to Remodeling magazine, the average cost to convert an existing room into a home office with custom cabinery and rewiring for electronic equipment is $5976. Assuming a population standard deviation of $1000 and the sample of home office conversion