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5 Step Hypothesis Test

Assume that a simple random sample is selected from a normally distributed population. Use either the P-value method or the traditional method of testing hypotheses.

Listed below are birth weights (in kilometers) of male babies born to mothers on a special vitamin supplement (based on data from the New York State Department of Health). Test the claim that this sample comes from a population with a standard deviation equal to 0.470 kg., which is the standard deviation for male birth weights in general. Use a 0.05 significance level. Does the vitamin supplement appear to affect the variation among birth weights?

3.73 4.37 3.73 4.33 3.39 3.68 4.68 3.52
3.02 4.09 2.47 4.13 4.47 3.22 3.43 2.54

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The solution provides step-by-step method of performing a chi Square hypothesis test for standard Deviation. All the steps of hypothesis testing (formulation of null and alternate hypotheses, selection of significance level, choosing the appropriate test-statistic, decision rule, calculation of test-statistic and conclusion) have been explained and the statistical analysis has been shown in details.