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Choosing statistical tests and scales of measurement

Find the most appropriate statistical procedure:
a. Teacher of low-level reading group interested in average score for group of 25
b. Administrator wants to find out if relationship between teacher absences and
student achievement exists?
c. Math teacher wants to know how many groups should be formed within a
class of 30 students?
d. Teacher is interested in finding the number of students who rate his
performance as good, excellent, average, or poor.

Identify scale of measurement
a. Attitudes toward school
b. grouping students based on hair color
c. asking judges to rank students from most cooperative to least cooperative

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a. If the teacher is simply looking for the average score of a group, the statistical procedure will simply be descriptive statistics. These give a general summary of the sample in numbers, such as the average (mean), standard deviation, median, etc.

b. Whenever we're looking for a relationship, we're using a correlation.

c. If you're looking to form groups, you'll likely use a discriminate analysis. This analysis allows you to group people/scores based on their similarities.

d. The easiest way to evaluate this would be with a frequency distribution, which shows the frequency (number) of scores in each category.

There are 4 scales of measurement. In order of complexity, they ...

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