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    Value of Z test, two-tail alternative & p-value

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    I) Given a sample of n1=40 from a population with known standard deviation,sigma1=20 and an independent sample of n2=50 from another population with known standard deviation, sigma2=10, what is the value of the Z test statistic for testing H0:u1=u2 if sample mean1=72 and sample mean2=66?

    ii) In the above, what is your decision, if you are testing H0:u1=u2 against two-tail alternative h1:u1 is not equal to u2, using the level of significance alpha=0.01?

    iii) What is the p-value in (i), if you are testing H0:u1=u2 against the two tail alternative h1:u1 is not equal to u2?

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