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Statistics and ANOVA Regression Analysis

5 groups
7 values in each group
if ssa= 60 and sst = 210, what is SSW. A. what is MSA. B. what is msw
C. what is the value of the test statistic F?
A. Construct a ANOVA summary table and fill in all values in the table
B. At the 0.05 level of signifance what us the upper-tail critical value from the F distribution
c. State the decision rule for testng the null hypothesis that all five groups have equal population means.
D. What is your statistical decision.

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SSW = 210 - 60 = 150

(A) MSA = 60/4 = 15, MSW = 150/30 = 5

(B) F = MSA/MSW = ...

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