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    Statistics Project Using Microsoft Excel

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    Read the attached case study and complete the following:
    1. Prepare a report exploring the data your team collected for the management of SJGR. This report should contain the results of the various data exploratory data analyses tools such as scatter charts, histograms, correlation coefficients, etc. and the interpretation of these.

    2. The management of SJGR is interested in finding out about the average perceptions of SJGR (X1 - X7) by all of its customers. On the basis of your sample of 100 customers, tell the management what you can about the average perceptions of SJGR by all its customers.

    3. The management of SJGR believes that different kinds of customers (defined in terms of income level X9 and gender X10) have different purchasing behaviour. Managers believe that, on average, higher income customers tend to buy a different percentage of their groceries at SJGR from the percentage bought by all other customers, and men buy a different percentage of their groceries at SJGR onaverage from the percentage bought by women. Test statistically whether these particular beliefs about the effects of income and gender are justified by the evidence, and report on your tests and findings.

    4. SJGR's management would like to be able to predict purchasing behaviour, as measured by X8, on the basis of customers' ratings of SJGR's attributes (variables X1 to X7). Develop a regression model using variables X1 to X7 as independent variables and report on your findings.

    5. Based on the results from questions 1, 2, 3 and 4, prepare recommendations (of maximum length 2 pages) for the managers of SJGR on how they can improve the purchasing behaviour of SJGR customers. Your total report (excluding appendices) should be not more than 12 pages. You may attach an appendix to show details of your working. If you do attach an appendix, the total report on parts 1 to 5 above - excluding the appendix - should provide everything that management needs in order to understand what you have done, what you have found out, and what you are recommending, with your reasons.

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