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Organisational Process Recommendation - Quality Textiles

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I need help understanding what it is that I am supposed to do with the following direction in conjunction with the attachment. I am NOT asking anyone to do the assignment, I NEED HELP with the assignment. I don't know where to start.

Individual Assignment: Quality Textiles International Scenario
ï?· Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Quality Textiles International
ï?· Review the Quality Textiles International scenario and the corresponding data.
ï?· Obtain the mean and standard deviation of the provided data.
ï?· Create a histogram for data frequencies using the Microsoft® Excel® program. The bin range should correspond with the UCL and LCL as required below.
o You may need to download the add-in program Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft® Excel®. This add-in is required for generating the histogram data. Information on adding and using the Analysis ToolPak can be found using the Help feature in Microsoft® Excel®.
ï?· Calculate the upper control limit and lower control limit. Use the histogram to determine how many points are out of control (beyond these limits).
ï?· Format: Submit the assignment showing all information, charts, and calculations copied and pasted from MS Excel onto one (1) MS Word (.doc) file. Profession presentation of you work reflects the Quality of the content.

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Solution Summary

Has a memo to the executive management team of Quality Textiles International. The memo is based on: 1. Recommendations for a quality improvement process 2. Analysis of specific processes of the organization to support your recommendations 3. Recommendations using descriptive statistics: Calculations: ?mean and standard deviation of the provided data. ?histogram for data frequencies. ?control chart to represent the operation. Finally answers whether the process is in control or not.

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