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Upper/lower control limits for Quality Textiles International

Quality Textiles International is an organization that weaves fabric and then prepares the required sheet lengths as desired by customers. They have received recent complaints that the fabric weight, measured in oz per square inch, is not meeting customer requirements, which are very close to the control limits. Quality Textiles International's quality assurance department checks the fabric weight on regular basis and knows that their process for fabric weight has a mean of 2.73 oz/in2, and a standard deviation of 0.31.
The following table shows 50 fabric weight measurements of fabric samples collected by the quality assurance department:

Calculate the Mean and the Standard deviation on the lab collected samples. Is the mean and standard deviation still the same as the original process?

Build a histogram of the data frequencies. (See attached excel document)

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The solution builds a histogram of data frequencies. The mean and standard deviation of the collected lab samples are given.